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Journal of Logic and Computation

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Volume 11, Issue 5: October 2001.

Bringing them all Together

Carlos Areces, and Patrick Blackburn.
pp. 657-669.
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Original Article.
Internalization: The Case of Hybrid Logics

Jeremy Seligman.
pp. 671-689.
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Original Article.
Relation Algebra with Binders

Maarten Marx.
pp. 691-700.
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Original Article.
Modal Logic with Bounded Quantification over Worlds

Rogier M. Van Eijk, Frank S. De Boer, Wiebe Van Der Hoek, and John-Jules Ch. Meyer.
pp. 701-715.
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Original Article.
Resolution in Modal, Description and Hybrid Logic

Carlos Areces, Maarten de Rijke, and Hans de Nivelle.
pp. 717-736.
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Original Article.
Sahlqvist Formulas in Hybrid Polyadic Modal Logics

Valentin Goranko, and Dimiter Vakarelov.
pp. 737-754.
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Forthcoming Papers.
Forthcoming Papers

pp. 755-756.
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Special Issue on Computational Dialectics

Gerhard Brewka Leipzig, and Gerard Vreeswijk Utrecht.
p. 757.
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