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Journal of Logic and Computation

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Volume 11, Issue 6: December 2001.

Corner on directions in nonclassical logic

Heinrich Wansing.
pp. 759-760.
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Original Article.
The Trilattice of Constructive Truth Values

Yaroslav Shramko, J. Michael Dunn, and Tatsutoshi Takenaka.
pp. 761-788.
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Original Article.
Comparing some Intuitions of `Process Calculus' and `Program Logic'

Sam Steel.
pp. 789-827.
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Original Article.
Compositional Verification of Quantitative Properties of Statecharts

Francesca Levi.
pp. 829-878.
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Original Article.
Reducing Modal Consequence Relations

Marcus Kracht.
pp. 879-907.
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Original Article.
On the Products of Linear Modal Logics

Mark Reynolds, and Michael Zakharyaschev.
pp. 909-931.
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Original Article.
The Complexity of Regularity in Grammar Logics and Related Modal Logics

Stéphane Demri.
pp. 933-960.
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Book Review.
Cryptography and Computational Number Theory K.-Y. Lam, I. Shparlinski, H. Wang and C. Xing

Richard E. Overill.
p. 961.
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Book Review.
Artificial Immune Systems and their Applications D. Dasgupta

Richard E. Overill.
pp. 961-962.
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Book Review.
Model Checking. E. Clarke O. Grumberg D. A. Peled

Vladimir Zakharov.
pp. 962-964.
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Books Received.
Books Received

p. 965.
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Forthcoming Papers.
Forthcoming Papers

pp. 967-968.
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Special Issue on Computational Dialectics

Gerhard Brewka, and Gerard Vreeswijk.
p. 969.
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Author Index

p. 973.
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