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Journal of Logic and Computation: Current Issue

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Journal of Logic and Computation

Volume 12, Issue 1, February 2002: pp. 119-136

Mental States Recognition from Communication

Aldo Franco Dragoni1, Paolo Giorgini2 and Luciano Serafini3

1Istituto di Informatica, University of Ancona, Via Brecce Bianche, 60131, Ancona, Italy. E-mail: dragon@inform.unian.it
2Faculty of Science, University of Trento, Via Sommarive, 14, 38050 Povo - Trento, Italy. E-mail: pgiorgini@science.unitn.it
3Luciano Serafini, ITC-IRST, Povo, 38050, Trento, Italy. E-mail: serafini@irst.itc.it

In order to perform effective communication, agents must be able to foresee the effects of their utterances on the addressee's mental state. In this paper we study the consequences of an utterance on the mental state of a hearer. Given an agent communication language with a STRIPS-like semantics, we propose a set of criteria that allow the binding of the speaker's mental state to its uttering of a certain sentence. On the basis of these criteria, we give an abductive procedure that the hearer can adopt to partially recognize the speaker's mental state that led to a specific utterance.

Keywords: Abduction; belief revision; speech acts

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