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Journal of Logic and Computation

Volume 12, Issue 1, February 2002

Definability in Rationals with Real Order in the Background
Yuri Gurevich and Alexander Rabinovich
pp. 1-11
Abstract Full-Text PDF (143 KB)

Operators and Laws for Combining Preference Relations
Hajnal Andréka, Mark Ryan and Pierre-Yves Schobbens
pp. 13-53
Abstract Full-Text PDF (424 KB)

Formalizing Collaborative Decision-making and Practical Reasoning in Multi-agent Systems
Pietro Panzarasa, Nicholas R. Jennings and Timothy J. Norman
pp. 55-117
Abstract Full-Text PDF (558 KB)

Mental States Recognition from Communication
Aldo Franco Dragoni, Paolo Giorgini and Luciano Serafini
pp. 119-136
Abstract Full-Text PDF (211 KB)

Logical Precision in Concept Lattices
Radim Belohlavek
pp. 137-148
Abstract Full-Text PDF (144 KB)

A Modal Logic for Coalitional Power in Games
Marc Pauly
pp. 149-166
Abstract Full-Text PDF (222 KB)

A Foundation for Metareasoning Part I: The Proof Theory
Giovanni Criscuolo, Fausto Giunchiglia and Luciano Serafini
pp. 167-208
Abstract Full-Text PDF (426 KB)

Books Received
p. 209
Full-Text PDF (8 KB)

Special Issue: Fixpoints in Computer Science 2000
pp. 211-212
Full-Text PDF (28 KB)

Special Issue on Computational Dialectics
Gerhard Brewka and Gerard Vreeswijk
p. 213
Details Full-Text PDF (9 KB)

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