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Journal of Logic and Computation: Current Issue

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Journal of Logic and Computation

Volume 12, Issue 6, December 2002

Relevance Principle for Substructural Logics with Mingle and Strong Negation
Norihiro Kamide
pp. 913-928
Abstract Full-Text PDF (128 KB)

A Decision Algorithm for Stratified Context Unification
Manfred Schmidt-Schauß
pp. 929-953
Abstract Full-Text PDF (190 KB)

Space-efficient Decision Procedures for Three Interpolable Propositional Intermediate Logics
Guido Fiorino
pp. 955-992
Abstract Full-Text PDF (319 KB)

Display Calculi for Nominal Tense Logics
Stéphane Demri and Rajeev Goré
pp. 993-1016
Abstract Full-Text PDF (228 KB)

Modal Logics Between Propositional and First-order
Melvin Fitting
pp. 1017-1026
Abstract Full-Text PDF (102 KB)

Labelled Tableaux for Nonmonotonic Reasoning: Cumulative Consequence Relations
Alberto Artosi, Guido Governatori and Antonino Rotolo
pp. 1027-1060
Abstract Full-Text PDF (295 KB)

Kripke Resource Models of a Dependently-typed, Bunched [lgr]-calculus
Samin Ishtiaq and David J. Pym
pp. 1061-1104
Abstract Full-Text PDF (441 KB)

Books Received
p. 1105
Full-Text PDF (8 KB)

Forthcoming Papers
pp. 1107-1109
Full-Text PDF (32 KB)

Author Index
p. 1113
Full-Text PDF (7 KB)

Contents for Volume 12
pp. 1115-1117
Full-Text PDF (13 KB)

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