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Journal of Logic and Computation: Current Issue

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Journal of Logic and Computation

Volume 13, Issue 2, April 2003

On the Turing Degrees of Weakly Computable Real Numbers
Xizhong Zheng
pp. 159-172
Abstract Full-Text PDF (176 KB)

Characterizing Interpolation Pairs in Infinitary Graded Logics
Giovanna D'Agostino
pp. 173-193
Abstract Full-Text PDF (220 KB)

A Decision Procedure and Complete Axiomatization of Finite Interval Temporal Logic with Projection
Howard Bowman and Simon Thompson
pp. 195-239
Abstract Full-Text PDF (263 KB)

A Tableau Calculus for Hájek's Logic BL
Franco Montagna, G. Michele Pinna and Elisa B. P. Tiezzi
pp. 241-259
Abstract Full-Text PDF (188 KB)

On the Complexity of the First-order Random Theory
Wafik Boulos Lotfallah
pp. 261-271
Abstract Full-Text PDF (119 KB)

On Almost Sure Elimination of Numerical Quantifiers
Risto Kaila
pp. 273-285
Abstract Full-Text PDF (176 KB)

Uniform Lazy Narrowing
María Alpuente, Moreno Falaschi, Pascual Julián and Germán Vidal
pp. 287-312
Abstract Full-Text PDF (245 KB)

John Derrick and Eerke Boiten: Refinement in Z and object-Z: Foundations and Advanced Applications
Reviewed by R. Banach
pp. 313-314
Details Full-Text PDF (15 KB)

Books Received
p. 315
Full-Text PDF (7 KB)

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