Picture of Natasa Glisovic

Curriculum Vitae

Nataša Glišović

- Finished the second year of PHD studies on Faculty of Mathematics University of Belgrade, Department Algebra and Mathematical Logic
Theoretical Computer Science, 2011.
- Graduated mathematician (2009.), Informatics and Computer Science , Faculty of Mathematics University of Belgrade.
- Graduated from Gymnasium in Raska (2003.)

English (conversation intermediate, advanced writinig and speaking),
Russian (intermediate)

Microsoft Visual Studio.NET C#, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET C++, Java, C++, C, DB2, YACC, Lisp, HTML, Fortran, Matlab, TeX, Microsoft Office,
Windows, Perl, LINUX operating system.

- Employed on Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) since January 2011. (Project III 044006)
- Employed in X Belgrade Gymnasium "Mihajlo Pupin" since October 2010.
- Part time associate in Agency Programmer from Raška on programming in area of economics (Recipes, Labor relations, 2009).
- Employed in Agency Programmer from Raška since July 2007. until September 2009.
- Part time associate in Agency Programmer from Raška on programming in area of economics (Calendar of work, Annual Balance Sheet, 2007).

- Software for statistics DNK (LR, RMNE (random man not excluded), RMP (random match probability) (C#, 2011)
- Web design for Marina Curcic, handball player (2011). (www.marinacurcic.rs)
- Software for analysis and search of DNK sample (C#, 2010).
- Software for Granulometric analysis (C#, 2010).
- Work on software for communication NTP server (C++, 2009).
- Software of analog and digital clock, screen saver analog clock (C#, C++, 2009)
- Web design for Tourist Centre Odvracenica on Mountain Golija (2007). (www.golija-turizam.com)
- Software for compression of picture by ripples (C++, 2007).
- Software for data conversion for entry into the database of e-journals (2006).


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    and the Solar Activity by Singular Spectrum Analysis
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  • ETRAN 2007. Herceg Novi, "Implementation, Interpretation and Procedures of identification
    about non-inconsistency and determination"
  • ETRAN 2012, Zlatibor, "Review of system for qualitative analysis of DNA"

    - "Specialistic training for the forensic expert Finance", Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade, 2011.
    - Project Tempus "SEE Doctoral Studies in Mathematical Sciences" 44703-TEMPUS-1 -2008-1 -BATEMPUS-JPCR, Probability and Statistics, Podgorica, april 2011. (passed all three parts with As)
    - "Specialistic training for tax consulting", Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade, 2010./2011.
    - Continious professional training programme "Web-design", 2010.
    - Continious professional training programme "Visual programming technics C#", 2010.
    - Continious professional training programme "How to think different and interdisciplinary ", 2009.

    Further specializations and career professional advancement in area of DNA implementation software for searching mixtures, Data statistical analysis, Improvement results of searching DNA where alleles are falling out, Bayesian networks and their implementation on analysis of DNA mixtures. Work in perspective and ambitious teams, on practical and applicable projects. Further improvement in the economic field. Creating a system of financial reporting and money laundering. Acquisition of licenses for internal auditors.

    -XI Krajiške divizije 63/2, Belgrade, Serbia