Research Internship for (Under)Graduate Students in Year 2020  


During Summer of 2020, the Mathematical Institute SANU offered research internships for students interested in mathematics, computer sciences and mechanics and applications. The internship is open to all students from Serbia and abroad. MISANU provided working space and supervisors for the selected research topics, however it could not offer any kind of financial support for students.

One of the research topics was Developing metaheuristic algorithms for optimization problems
from the Operations research and management science discipline.

Short description: The main research topics are directed towards the development of mathematical models and (meta)heuristic optimization methods for various world-known optimization problems (optimization on graphs, scheduling, transportation, location, etc). Beside the application of different general purpose exact solution methods (CPLEX, Gurobi, LINGO, etc.), problem specific exact and heuristic algorithms will be developed. Although working with various metaheuristic methods, we particularly promote the ones developed by Serbian researchers: Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS) and Bee Colony Optimization (BCO). In addition, our current research project investigates parallelization, theoretical and empirical evaluation of metaheuristics. Our interest is also directed towards the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and optimization methods to deal with real-life optimization problems that occur in science and industry.

Supervisor: Tatjana Davidović,

Prerequisites: Good programming skills, C(C++), Java, Python.

Suggested material:

List of atendees:

Presentation of the obtained results at Seminar on Computer Science and Applied Mathematics is available here.

The students and their supervisor would like to thank all the professors included in this internship: accademician Dragoš Cvetković, Dragan Urošević, Tatjana Jakšić-Krüger, and Nataša Milosavljević. Your valuable help made our work easier and more successful.