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Mathematical Logic, Combinatorics and Information Processing: Foundations and Applications of Computer Science


For more than thirty years the institute organizes research in mathematical foundations and applications of computer science supported mainly by the funds for fundamental research. Computer science is recognized as a significant field for prospective research activities which could serve as the origin or application field for the mathematical results. The research was especially extensive in the last ten years. At the beginning of this period it was done under the project "Artificial Intelligence", and after that, from 1991 to 1995, in the project "Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence".

Currently, a five year project (1996-2000) devoted to certain problems of computer science foundations and applications, entitled "Mathematical logic, combinatorics and information processing: Foundations and applications of computer science" is under realization. The project includes more than 90 researchers from Belgrade and other parts of the Republic of Serbia. More than half of them have Ph.D. degrees and among them there are well recognized international scientists with the highest scientific titles.

The research activities are grouped into four subprojects. The first of them, mathematical logic (04M02A), includes: model theory, set theory, Boolean algebras, proof theory and artificial intelligence. The second one, combinatorics (04M02B), includes graph theory and combinatorial optimizations. The third project, information processing (04M02C), includes: cryptology, coding theory, signal - speech processing, text processing, parallel processing, pattern recognition, neural networks, and digital geometry. The forth one, mathematical modeling and simulation (04M02D), includes: mathematical models of complex systems, computerized simulations and expert systems.

A large number of contributions to the computer science, resulting from the research in Mathematical Institute, have been published and cited in the leading international journals. Finally, let us note that a great deal of research related to computer science is connected to certain scientific problems with origins and applications in rapidly expanding area of information - communication technologies.


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