Picture of Dr. Zarko Mijajlovic

Project leader: Dr. Zarko Mijajlovic


Mathematical Logic, Foundations of Mathematics and Computer Science


Belgrade logicicians are already recognized for their achievements in model theory, proof theory of nonclassical logics and set theory. This means that the research will go on in some of the main areas of logic such as: model theory and proof theory of relevant, substructural, intuitionistic and intermediate logics, model theoretic algebra, infinitary logic especially in connection with probabilistic logics, algebraic approach to these logical theories and aspects of the theory of Boolean algebras, nonstandard analysis, applications of category theory to proof theory, problems in combinatorial set theory etc.

The connections with computer science will be exploited through possible extensions of the tableaux method to various logical systems and its application to automated theorem proving.

Another interesting subject is a generalization of logic programming to sentences which are not Horn sentences.


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