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Information Processing


Information Processing (IP) appears as an application and intersection of computer science and mathematics, and it has been established as a significant research field with practical impacts related to computer networks. IP includes a number of topics yielding the most significant results into the following areas: information security, signal processing, text processing, neural networks, and discrete geometry.

Information security topic yields the main contributions in security examination of certain cryptographic systems based on linear feedback shift registers. In the signal processing area, including speech and image processing, the results are achieved in modelling, parameter estimations, coding compression, and classification of relevant signals for various theoretical and application purposes. The text processing developments are related to complex linguistic analysis of serbian texts. The neural network area gives achievements in the networks design and its applications. Discrete geometry branch develops necessary mathematical tools to speed up the implementation of algorithms for digital data processing. According to the publishing and citation, the IP results are well recognized in the international scientific community, and they become a clear basis and a stimulation for further research efforts in the area.

Finally, note that a number of software packages is also developed as an extension of the theoretical results.

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