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Project leader: Dr. Veljko Spasic


Mathematical Modeling and Simulation


Our current and near future work in the field of modeling and simulation is, using multidisciplinary approach, directed towards developing mathematical modeling methods, and computerized simulations mainly in the field of complex systems, focusing on the live systems.

The group, consisting of senior staff (currently about ten), and associated research M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, have theoretical results in the fields of mathematical modeling theory, some artificial intelligence disciplines, and algorithmisation, as well as in the field of implementation, where a number of successful models have been made and simulation software produced (such are GLUCOMAT - model for human blood glucose regulation, ECOLOG - eco system simulation, BELART medical expert system, etc).

The group has been internationally cooperating in research, teaching or publishing field with many institutions (Imperial College and King's College in London, MIT in USA, Cairo Univ. in Egypt, UNESCO etc.), and published a significant number of research papers and books.

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