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Differential Geometry and Applications


The group of 20 mathematicians works on differential geometry and its applications.The main topics are:

1. differential operators of Laplace type using the heat equation method and related geometry of Weyl manifolds, hypersurfaces immersed in an affine space etc;

2. topological invariants (cohomology groups, Chern characteristic classes, secondary characteristic classes) and their relations with geometry of manifolds;

3. induced representations of classical groups in vector spaces of curvature tensors and their applications;

4. eigenvalues of Jacobi operators and the corresponding geometry of Riemannian manifolds with a metric of arbitrary signature;

5. geometry determined by the volume of small geodesic spheres and tubes;

6. finite type submanifolds;

7. Finsler spaces and generalizations;

8. infinitesimal deformations of surfaces and other topics related to the ones previously mentioned.

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