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Project leader: Dr. Miroljub Jevtic


Mathematical Analysis


About 40 researchers work on this project. Most of them are mathematicians with Ph.D. degrees. So far they have published a significant number of papers in the leading worlds. Research is organized through work on several themes:

1. Measure and integration

2. Spaces of analytic functions (including Hardy, Bergman, Mixed norm spaces, BMO, Bloch, Sobolev-Lipschitz spaces on the unit disk, the unit ball, pseudoconvex domains in Cn, on domains of finite type in C2, etc)

3. Univalent functions

4. Potential theory for the euclidian and invariant laplacian

5. Ordinary differential and partial equations

6. Spectral theory and eigenvalue problems for partial differential operators

7. Fourier analysis

8. Linear topological spaces

9. Hilbert spaces

10. Theory of distributions (distributions, generalized functions, distribution spaces)

11. Operator theory (general theory, some special cases of linear operators)

12. Banach algebras

13. C* algebras.

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