Chapter 1  

1 Two-dimensional KOHSEI as a foundation of art and design

1--Two-dimensional KOHSEI and Basic Art & Design

We ourselves live in three-dimensional space. However, there are many more opportunities in two-dimensional space for the expression of art and design. This covers a very wide area of theformative arts which begins with pictures, graphic designs, and those concerned with interior designs such as wallpaper, printing for the surface of building materials, textile patterns; and still another, the design of chinaware and japanware, and any other areas. In short, even if a figure has a three-dimensional shape, there are always questions as to how to treat the plane or how to express it on paper.

With thinking like this, in our activities in art and design as a whole, it is necessary in the wide area of the art and design to widely maintain the fundamental ability of the expression in two-dimensional space. In this sense, two-dimensional space is one of the basic activities in art and design which has the fundamental context that is commonly necessary for each art and design. In other words, it is the context of very fundamental and basic activities of Basic Art & Design.

Speaking of Basic Art & Design, the meaning of Art & Design differs greatly whether the word"Basic" is added or not. Recently, the words "Basic Art & Design" have been widely used to the extent of the theme of academic meetings, and considered very important. So before the main context of this chapter, I would like to briefly discuss this.


Figure 1: "Blue Triangle and Black Square", K.S. Malevich.