3 More specialized monographs
with some interdisciplinary outlook

It is difficult to make strict rules for selecting books of interdisciplinary interest. Sometimes works referring to a concrete discipline still have an interdisciplinary importance. For example, a book on crystallographic symmetry groups is useful not only for crystallographers, but also for people interested in solid state physics, crystalphysics, crystalchemistry, materials science, and, in some cases, even for designers. As a general principle: we consider those books that have some importance outside its primary discipline. Following this principle, we include books related to mathematical- physical topics (e.g., theoretical mechanics, quantum theory, particle physics) although many of these books have a limited target among a group of mathematicians and physicists. We also list books on symmetries in various artistic fields, because these could be useful for artists of other fields and scholars who would like to illustrate scientific books with artistic examples. We also include books on dynamic symmetry in design, a proportion-system proposed by Jay Hambidge on the basis of his studies on Greek art, because we witnessed that some aspects of this topic are also interesting for mathematics students (despite the fact that it has less value for the originally targeted artists and art historians). We also list some old books of historic importance (cf., Section 2.1.1 and the references there). Indeed, we think that dealing with the history of the subject is relevant and advanced students may prepare related reports. Although we also include books written by historians of science on various aspects of symmetry (see Section 3.1), we suggest combining these with the original sources.

What types of books are not included? It is not easy to give strict rules, but here are some general conventions. We do not list books that use the term symmetry or its derivatives
- (1) as a metaphorical expression, e.g.,
* Frye, N. (1947) Fearful Symmetry: A Study of William Blake, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 462 pp. [Here the main title is a quote from Blake's poem].
- (2) as an attribute in a specialized term of a discipline that are rarely used outside a particular field (e.g., symmetric space, symmetric logic).

Note that there are cases where a similar term has great importance in two or more field (e.g., asymmetric synthesis, a chemical process that also attracted the interest of biologists).

3.1 History and philosophy of science, cognitive science, psychology, general education

Altmann, S. L. (1992) Icons and Symmetries, Oxford: Clarendon Press and New York: Oxford University Press, xii + 104 pp. [History of mathematics and physics; three case-studies: (1) Orsted's paradox of the interaction between the magnetic needle and the electric current; (2) Hamilton's description of rotation by quaternions and the later development of related mathematical tools, (3) symmetry in the classification of energy levels in atoms and solids].

- Spanish trans., Iconos y simetrías, Zaragoza: Prensas Universitarias, 1994, 147 pp.

Burckhardt, J. J. (1988) Die Symmetrie der Kristalle: Von René-Just Haüy zur kristallographischen Schule in Zürich, [The Symmetry of Crystals: From René-Just Haüy to the Crystallographic School in Zurich, in German], Basel: Birkhäuser, 195 pp.

Chakravorty, K. R. (1977) Science Based on Symmetry, Calcutta: Firma KLM, xxi + ca. 500 pp. [Philosophy of science; Indian philosophy, religion, and mysticism].

Hommel, H. (1987) Symmetrie im Spiegel der Antike, [Symmetry as Reflected in the Antiquity, in German], Sitzungsberichte der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, Philosophisch-Historische Klasse, Jahrgang 1986, Bericht 5, Hieldelberg: Winter, 59 pp.

Khvan, M. P. (1986) Filosofskoe znachenie printsipa simmetrii v fizike elementarnykh chastits, [Philosophical Meaning of the Symmetry Principle in Particle Physics, in Russian], Moskva: Izdatel'stvo Universiteta druzhba narodov, 199 pp.

Leyton, M. (1992) Symmetry, Causality, Mind, Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, vii + 630 pp. [Cognitive science; Case studies: perception, liguistics, art, and political prisoners].

Melandri, E. (1974) L'analogia, la proporzione, la simmetria, [Analogy, Proportion, Symmetry, in Italian], Scienze dell'uomo, Vol. 27, Milano: ISEDI, 185 pp. [Logic].

Piersa, H. (1990) Symetria i jej funkcje poznawcze w fizyce, [Symmetry and its Congnitive Functions in Physics, in Polish], Rozprawa habilitacyjna, Lublin, Poland: Wydawnictwo Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego (KUL), 257 pp.

Scholz, E. (1989) Symmetrie, Gruppe, Dualität: Zur Beziehung zwischen theoretischer Mathematik und Anwendungen in Kristallographie und Baustatik des 19. Jahrhunderts, [Symmetry, Group, Duality: On the Connection between Theoretical Mathematics and Applications in Crystallography and Structural Design of the 19th Century, in German], Basel: Birkhäuser and Berlin: Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, 406 pp.

Slok, J. et al. (1975) Symmetri i videnskaberne, [Symmetry and the Sciences, in Danish], Det lærde Selskabs publikationsserie, Ny serie, Hæfte 7-8, Aarhus [Denmark]: Universitetsforlaget i Aarhus, 77 pp. [Philosophy of science; note: we include this item because the title-page presents it as a book with multiple authors, although it can be also interpreted as a collection of papers].

Sodnomgombo, D. and Khvan, M. P. (1981) Filosofiya i simmetriya, [Philosophy and Symmetry, in Russian], Ulan Bator, Mongolia: Gosizdat, 206 pp. [Physics].

Tsalikídês, E. G. (1995) Kosmikê armonía kai summetría dia mésou tês klassikês kai eukleídeiou geômetrías, [Cosmic Hamony and Symmetry by Means of Classical and Euclidean Geometry, in Greek], Thessaloníkê [Thessaloniki]: Zêtê, 181 pp. [History of geometry].

Urmantsev, Yu. A. (1974) Simmetriya prirody i priroda simmetrii (Filosofskie i estestvennonauchnye aspekty), [Symmetry of Nature and the Nature of Symmetry (Philosophical and Scientific Aspects), in Russian], Moskva: Mysl', 229 pp. [Philosophy, Biology, System approach].

Van Fraassen, B. C. (1989) Laws and Symmetry, Oxford: Oxford University Press, xv + 395 pp. [Philosophy, Physics]

- French trans., Lois et symétrie, [Series] Mathesis, Paris: Vrin, 1994, 520 pp.

Yaglom [IAglom], I. M. (1988) Felix Klein and Sophus Lie: Evolution of the Idea of Symmetry in the Nineteenth Century, Boston: Birkhäuser, vii + 237 pp. [History of mathematics and physics].

Also see
* Khakimov (1986) on philosophy of science ® Section 1.2.6,
* Dienes and Mezard (1971) on logic ® Section,
* Horwich (1987) on the philosophical problems of asymmetry in time ® Section 4.3,
* the pre-1952 works in the context of history of science ® Section 2.1.1,
* the books on the philosophical aspects of symmetry vs. asymmetry ® Section 4.1.

3.2 Exact sciences (mathematics, physics, and chemistry, including mathematical crystallography)

3.2.1 General works and popular-scientific books

Aneva, B. (1990) Supersimetria: Matematichni metodi na teoretichnata fizika, [Supersymmetry: Mathematical Methods in Theoretical Physics, in Bulgarian], [Series] Lektsii za mladi ucheni, Sofiya [Sofia]: Izdatelstvo na Bulgarskata akademiya na naukite, 82 pp.

Arai, A. (1993) Taishousei no suuri, [The Mathematical Principles of Symmetry, in Japanese], Tokyo: Nihon Hyouronsha, v + 221 pp.

Bandou, M. (1996) Butsuri to taishousei: kuouku kara shinka made, [Physics and Symmetry: From Quarks to Evolution, in Japanese], Tokyo: Maruzen, viii + 182 pp.

Bunch, B. (1989) Reality's Mirror: Exploring the Mathematics of Symmetry, New York: Wiley, xi + 286 pp.

- Japanese trans., Jitsuzai no kagami: Shinmetorii no sekai, [Reality's Mirror: The World of Symmetry, in Japanese], Tokyo: Seidosha, 1994, 350 pp.

Elliott, J. P. and Dawber P. G. (1979) Symmetry in Physics, Vol. 1, Principles and Simple Applications, Vol. 2, Further Applications, London: Macmillan, xix + xviii + 557 pp. [Vol. 1, pp. 1-280; Vol. 2, pp. 281-557]
* Reprint ed., corrected, ibid., 1984. [616 pp. in various pagings].

- Russian trans., Élliot, D. and Dober, P., Simmetriya v fizike, Tom 1, Osnovnye printsipy i prostye prilozheniya, Tom. 2, Dal'neishie prilozheniya, Moskva: Mir, 1983, 364 + 410 pp.

Feynman, R. P. (1997) Six Not-So-Easy Pieces: Einstein's Relativity, Symmetry, and Space-Time, [Originally prepared for publication by R. B. Leighton and M. Sands; New introduction by R. Penrose], Reading, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley, xxvii + 152 pp.

Gribbin, J. R. (1998) In Search of SUSY: Supersymmetry, String and the Theory of Everything, London: Penguin. [Physics, popular scientific].
* American reprint ed., The Search for Superstrings, Symmetry, and the Theory of Everything, Boston: Little Brown, 1999, x + 212 pp.

Holden, A. (1971) Shapes, Space, and Symmetry, New York: Columbia University Press, viii + 200 pp.
* Reprint ed., New York: Dover, 1991, 200 pp. [Polyhedra].

- French trans., Formes, espace et symétries: Construisez facielement vos solides, [Shapes, Space, and Symmetry: Build Your Solids, in French], [Series] Les Distracts, Paris: Conception, édition, diffusion, information (CEDIC), 1977, 206 pp.

Holod, P. I. and Klimyk, A. U. (1992) Matematychni osnovy teorii symetrii, [Mathematical Foundations of Theory of Symmetry, in Ukrainian], Kiyiv [Kiev]: Naukova dumka, 366 pp.

Icke, V. (1995) The Force of Symmetry, Cambridge [England]: Cambridge University Press, xxi + 338 pp. [Physics, popular scientific].
* Paparback ed., ibid., 1995.

Kompaneets, A. S. (1978) Simmetriya v mikro- i makromire, [Symmetry in the Micro- and the Macro-Worlds, in Russian], Moskva: Nauka, 207 pp. [Popular-scientific].

Mozrzymas, J. (1992) Ewolucja symetrii, [Evolution of Symmetry, in Polish], Wroclaw: Uniwersytet Wroclawski, 96 pp. [Physics].

Pagels, H. R. (1985) Perfect Symmetry: The Search for the Beginning of Time, New York: Simon and Schuster, 390 pp.
* 2nd ed., New York: Bantam, 1991, 390 pp.

- Dutch trans. of the 1st ed., co-author Shilling, G., Volmaakte symmetrie: Speurtocht naar de oorsprong van ruimte en tijd, Amsterdam: Contact, 1988, 432 pp.

- Japanese trans. of the 1st ed., Toki no hajimari e no tabi: Taishousei no butsuri, [Journey to the Beginning of Time: The Physics of Symmetry, in Japanese], Tokyo: Chijin Shokan, 1989, 402 pp.
* Japanese trans. of the 2nd ed., Hoshi kara ginga e: Heesheru no niwa, [From the Stars to the Milky Way: Herschel's Garden, in Japanese], ibid., 1993, 262 pp.

- Portuguese trans. of the 1st ed., Simetria perfeita, Lisboa: Gradiva, 1990, 455 pp.

Raichev, P. P. (1974) Simetriyata na atomniya svyat, [Symmetry of the Atomic World, in Bulgarian], Sofiya [Sofia]: Nauka i izkustvo, 66 pp. [Popular-scientific].

Rychlewski, J. (1991) Symetria przyczyn i skutków, [Symmetry of Causes and Effects, in Polish], Warszawa: Panstwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe (PWN), 156 pp. [Physics].

Salam, A. (1966) Symmetry Concepts in Modern Physics: Iqbal Memorial Lectures, Lahore, Pakistan: Atomic Energy Centre, 55 pp. [Later the author was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for symmetry-related works.]

Schmutzer, E. (1972) Symmetrien und Erhaltungssätze der Physik, [Symmetries and Conservation Laws of Physics, in German], Braunschweig: Vieweg and Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 165 pp.

- Russian trans., Shmuttser, É., Simmetrii i zakony sokhraneniya v fizike, Moskva: Mir, 1974, 159 pp.

Todorov, I. (1985) Fizika, geometriya, simetriya, [Physics, Geometry, Symmetry, in Bulgarian], Sofiya [Sofia]: Narodna prosveta, 144 pp. [Five lectures given for a broad audience of physicists, mathematicians, and philosophers, 1971-1983].

Verheyen, H. (1996) Symmetry Orbits, Design Science Collection, Boston: Birkhäuser, vi + 236 pp. [Geometry, Crystallography].

Wigner, E. P. (1967) Symmetries and Reflections: Scientific Essays, Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, viii + 280 pp. [Physics, Philosophy; the author was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for symmetry-related works.]
* Reprint ed., Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1978, viii + 280 pp.

- Russian trans., enlarged, Vigner, E. P., Étyudi o simmetrii, [Etudes on Symmetry, in Russian], Ed. by Ya. A. Smorodinskii, Moskva: Mir, 1971, 318 pp. [Added part: some related papers by Wigner].

- Hungarian trans, Wigner, J., Szimmetriák és reflexiók, Budapest: Gondolat, 1972, 355 pp. [The initial "J" refers to Jenö (Eugene, in English), which was Wigner's original given name in Hungary].

Yale, P. B. (1968) Geometry and Symmetry, Holden-Day Series in Mathematics, San Francisco: Holden-Day, xi + 288 pp.
* Reprint ed., New York: Dover, 1988.

Zee, A. (1986) Fearful Symmetry: The Search for Beauty in Modern Physics, New York: Macmillan, xiv + 322 pp. [Popular scientific; the main title of the book is a quote from Blake's poem The Tyger (1794); cf., Stewart and Golubitsky (1992) in Section 2.1.2, Reader and Croze (1977) in Section 3.3.1].
* Reprint ed., New York: Collier Books, 1989, xiv + 322 pp.

- Japanese trans., Uchuu no dezain genri: Pariti, geeji, kuouku, [Design Principle of the Universe: Parity, Gauge, Quarks, in Japanese], Tokyo: Hakuyousha, 1989, 438 pp.

- German trans., Magische Symmetrie: Die Ästhetik in der modernen Physik, [Magical Symmetry: The Aesthetics of Modern Physic, in German], Frankfurt am Main: Insel, 1993, 360 pp.

Also see
* the books on history and philosophy of mathematics and physics ® Section 3.1.

3.2.2 Structure of matter - atomic or molecular level; applications of group theory

Mathematical-crystallographical works on colored symmetry and chemical books on orbital symmetry and the theory of chemical reactions are considered, but kept separately in subsections and, respectively.

Altmann, S. L. (1991) Band Theory of Solids: An Introduction from the Point of View of Symmetry, Oxford: Clarendon Press and New York: Oxford University Press, xiv + 286 pp.

Alworth, W. L. (1972) Stereochemistry and its Application in Biochemistry: The Relation Between Substrate Symmetry and Biological Stereospecificity, New York: Wiley, xi + 311 pp.

- Spanish trans., Estereoquímica y su aplicación en bioquímica: La relación entre la simetría del sustrato y la estereoespecificidad biológica, Madrid: Alhambra, 1980, xii + 376 pp.

Baggott, J. E. (1994) Perfect Symmetry: The Accidental Discovery of Buckminsterfullerene, Oxford: Oxford University Press., ix + 315 pp. [Buckminsterfullerene = a new form of (carbon) molecules that resemble Buckminster Fuller's dome-structures].
* Paparback ed., ibid., 1996. ix + 315 pp.

- Japanese trans., Kyuukyoku no shinmetorii: Furaaren hakken monogatari, [Ultimate Symmetry: The Story of the Discovery of the Fullerene, in Japanese], Tokyo: Hakuyousha, 1996, 364 pp.

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* 2nd revised ed., ibid., 1988, 116 pp.

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- English trans. of the major part of this book in: Fedorov (1971).

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Also see
* Burckhardt (1988) on the history of crystallography ® Section 3.1,
* Scholz, E. (1989) on the history of crystallographic groups ® Section 3.1,
* many textbooks ® Section 1.3. Colored symmetry (a mathematical method for describing physical properties of crystals)

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Most of these books also present artistic examples (ornamental art, Escher's drawings, etc.). In connection with a fully artistic approach to color and symmetry, without any reference to crystallographic groups, see
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3.2.3 Structure of matter - subatomic level; applications of mathematical methods in quantum theory and particle physics

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3.2.4 Astronomy, astrophysics

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3.2.5 Other mathematical-physical questions, applied mathematics Geometry and algebra

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Also see
* the books on broken symmetry and asymmetry in physics ® Sections 4.1 and 4.3,
* Petukhov (1981) on biomechanics ® Section 3.3.3.

3.3 Descriptive sciences (life sciences, earth sciences) and mathematical models in economics, medicine, and technology

3.3.1 Life sciences (biology, medicine, and psychology)

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Also see
* Stewart and Golubitsky (1992) on mathematics and biology ® Section 2.1.2,
* Urmantsev (1974) on philosophy and biology ® Section 3.1,
* Tímár (1979) on Dürer's book on human proportions ® Section 3.4.3,
* the books on asymmetry in biology ® Section 4.2.

There is a survey-booklet on symmetry in biology which is shorter than our limit of 50 pages:
* Kasinov, V. B. (1971) O simmetrii v biologii, [On Symmetry in Biology, in Russian], Leningrad [now Sankt-Peterburg]: Nauka, 48 pp.

3.3.2 Earth sciences (mineralogy and geology)

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3.3.3 Mathematical models in economics, medicine, and technology

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Also see the following books that deal with some aspects of symmetry in technology,
* Povileiko (1970) ® Section 1.2.7,
* Grigorovskii (1982) ® Section 1.2.7,
* Shubnikov (1940) ® Section 2.1.1,
* Rohde (1982) ® Section 2.1.2,
* Bérczi (1986-87) ® Section 2.2.3.

3.4 Art and the humanities

3.4.1 Anthropology

Lucich, P. (1987) Genealogical Symmetry: Rational Foundations of Australian Kinship, Armidale, New South Wales: Light Stone Publications, xxxi + 684 pp.

Witherspoon, G. and Peterson, G. (1995) Dynamic Symmetry and Holistic Asymmetry in Navajo and Western Art and Cosmology, American Indian Studies, Vol. 5, New York: Lang, x + 191 pp.

Also see
* the books on pattern analysis ® Sections 2.2.2 and 2.2.3.

In connection with physical anthropology, see
* Tímár (1979) on Dürer's book on human proportions ® Section 3.4.3,
* Schneider (1973) on asymmetry of Greek heads in art ® Section 3.4.3,
* Chubarov (1994) on symmetry of the face and traditional Chinese medicine ® Section 3.3.1,
* Anderson (1897), Mentzer and Friedberg (1983), Starosta (1990) on symmetry and physical education ® Section 3.5.

3.4.2 Architecture and design

Note that books on Hambidge's dynamic symmetry are listed separately in the subsection

Stocklas, K., ed., (1986) Symmetrie und Asymmetrie in der Architektur, [Symmetry and Asymmetry in Architecture, in German], [Series] IRB-Literaturauslese, Fachbibliographie, No. 1192, Stuttgart: IRB [Informationszentrum Raum und Bau, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft], 64 pp.
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Kurokawa, M. (1998) Hantaishou no monogaku, [Objects <Objectology, Object-Design> of Antisymmetry <Dissymmetry>, in Japanese], Tokyo: TOTO Shuppan, 162 pp. [The author (p. 54) would like to refer to dissymmetry (the lack of some elements of symmetry), but, unfortunataly, adopts the term hantaishou (antisymmetry), which is an alternative expression for black-and-white symmetry. This usage of hantaishou came from the Japanese translation of the book La Dissymétrie by Caillois (1973), see it in Section 4.1 with an additional note on this problem.]



Antisymmetry - Hypertext ® Shubnikov (1951) Section

Note - Hypertext ® Caillois (1973) Japan version, Section 4.1.


Objectology or Object-Design is our suggested equivalent of Kurakowa's term monogaku or, in other reading, butsugaku. This term is not a well-established in Japanese; it is coming from
mono or butsu = thing, object,
-gaku = learning, study, science, (as suffix) -ology.
Obviously, the term monogaku is broader than product-design and industrial design since objects of fine art and architecture are also considered. This is the reason that we initiate the new expressions objectology or object-design.


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Stocklas, K. (1986) - see at the beginning of this section: Bibliography.

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- Spanish trans., Simetría, gusto, carácter: Teoría y terminología de la arquitectura en la época clásica (1550-1800), Madrid: Akal, 299 pp.

Also see
* Huff, W. S. (1967-77) on basic design ® Section 1.1.3,
* Povileiko, R. P. (1970) on industrial design ® Section 1.2.7,
* Horst (1994) on garden art ® Section 3.4.3. Design with dynamic symmetry (a system of proportions
based on square roots of integers)

Note that these books represent a method of proportional analysis of art works that are outdated in some sense, but still provide interesting sources not only for some historians of art, but also for educators of mathematics.

Bairati, C. (1952) La simmetria dinamica: Scienza ed arte nell'architettura classica, [Dynamic Symmetry: Science and Art in Classical Architecture, in Italian], Milano: Editrice Poltecnica Tamburini, 100 pp.

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* 2nd printing, ibid., 1931, 161 pp.
* Reprint of the original work in a luxury ed., Found Class Reprints.

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3.4.3 Visual art (painting, sculpture, garden art)

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Also see
* MacGillavry (1965) and Schattschneider (1990) on the graphic art of M. C. Escher ® Section 2.2.3,
* Witherspoon and Peterson (1995) on Navaho painting and its modern adaptation ® Section 3.4.1,
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* the books on dynamic symmetry ® Section

3.4.4 Music

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Also see
* Goncharenko (1993) ® Section 1.2.8.

3.4.5 Literature and linguistics

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Also see
* Markova (1996) ® Section 1.2.8,
* the books on broken symmetry and asymmetry in linguistics, literature, and semiotics ® Section 4.4.

3.5 Recreation, games, and sport

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Also see
* Garrett (1987) on the physics of sailing ® Section

There is a booklet on symmetry in chess which is shorter than our limit of 50 pages:
* Zavodny, Z. (1991) Symetrické pescove formace v centru, [Symmetric Pawn Formation in the Center, in Czech], [Series] Sachove strategie, Frydek-Místek [Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic]: Pliska, 47 pp.

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