1 Interdisciplinary textbooks
and teaching materials


The border line between textbooks and scholarly monographs is not always clear. We list here such books where there are some indications that the works are written (partly or fully) with educational purposes: these are texts, guides, problem-books, or other teaching materials. Since this intention is not always clear from the titles of books, we pay a special attention to subtitles, series titles, the detailed data of the publishers, and even remarks in the prefaces. In the case of some non-English books, not only the titles, but also other bibliographic data are translated into English. In the case of names of institutions I try to give the official translation <with remarks that give further information or alternative translations that are closer to the original>. Occasionally, there are notes that explain the intention of the author [these are in brackets at end of the item].

1.1 Interdisciplinary works in a broad sense

1.1.1 General introductions

- Science-technology and arts-humanities:

Bérczi, S. (1990) Szimmetria és struktúraépítés, [Symmetry and Structure-Building, in Hungarian], Egyetemi jegyzet [University Text], Budapest: Tankönyvkiadó, 260 pp. [Published for a course at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest].
* 2nd printing, ibid., 1991, 260 pp.

- Many fields of science:

Sivardière, J. (1995) La Symétrie en mathématiques, physique et en chimie, [Symmetry in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, in French], Collection Grenoble Sciences, Grenoble: Presses Universitaires de Grenoble, 880 pp. [Each of the 48 chapters contains exercises].

- Philosophy of science

There are some related booklets, but these are shorter than our limit of 50 pages. See, e.g.,
* Zemlyanskii, F. M. (1974) Struktura i simmetriya: Materialy dlya spetskursa, [Structure and Symmetry: Materials for a Special Topic Course, in Russian], Chelyabinsk [Russia]: Chelyabinskii gosudarstvennyi pedagogicheskii institut [Chelyabinsk State Teacher-Training Institute <College>], 40 pp.

Also see
* Khakimov (1986) on systems and symmetry ®
Section 1.2.6.

1.1.2 Specific scientific fields (with an outlook to arts)

Herfort, P. and Klotz, A. (1997) Ornamente und Fraktale: Visualisierung von Symmetrie und Selbstähnlichkeit, [Ornaments and Fractals: Visualization of Symmetry and Self-Similarity, in German], [Series] Vieweg Mathematik für Schüler und Studenten, Wiesbaden: Vieweg, xii + 273 pp., 1 computer disk (IBM PC).

Klemm, M. (1982) Symmetrien von Ornamenten und Kristallen, [Symmetries of Ornaments and Crystals, in German], Hochschultext [University Text], Berlin: Springer, vi + 214 pp.

Roanes Macías, E. and Roanes Lozano, E. (1993) Simulación didáctica de los grupos de simetría en el arte hispano-musulmán, [Didactical Simulation of the Groups of Symmetry in the Spanish-Muslim Art, in Spanish], Madrid: Pablo Montesino and Universidad Complutense, 63 pp., 1 computer disk (5 1/4 in.).

Also see
* Povileiko (1970) on technology and design ® Section 1.2.7,
* MacGillavry on Escher ® Section 2.2.3.

1.1.3 Arts and design (with an outlook to science)

Huff, W. S. (1967-77) Symmetry: An Appreciation of its Presence in Man's Consciousness, Parts 2-6, Designed by T. Gonda, Pittsburgh: [Privately Published], 93 pp. in various pagings. [This series of booklets was distributed in Northern America for those universities that have design programs; Part 1 is not published; the order of publishing: Part 4, 1967; Part 6, 1970; Part 5, 1971; Part 2, 1975; Part 3, 1977].
* Reprint ed., Parts 6, 4, 5, In: Oppositions, Nos. 3, 6, 10, New York: The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, 1974, 63-78; 1976, 69-83; 1977, 76-99.

Kumagai, S. and Sawada, Y. (1983) Moyou to shinmetorii, [Ornamental Patterns and Symmetry, in Japanese with tables in English and a bilingual index of terms], Nonoichi-machi, Ishikawa-ken: Kanazawa Kougyou Daigaku Shuppankyoku [Kanazawa Institute of Technology Press], v + 147 pp. [A visual approach to plane symmetry groups, including black-and-white and colored ones; coauthored by a professor of design and a professor of mathematics].

1.1.4 Philosophy (see the Philosophy of science)

1.2 More specialized works of a given field (with some interdisciplinary outlook)

1.2.1 Mathematics

Some works on mathematical education and teaching aids on elementary mathematics are considered, but kept in the subsection

Alsina Catalá, C., Pérez Gómez, R., and Ruiz Garrido, C. (1989) Simetría dinámica, [Dynamic Symmetry, in Spanish], Matematicas: Cultura y aprendizaje, No. 13, Madrid: Sintesis, 143 pp. [The title refers to geometrical transformations, not to Hambidge's dynamic symmetry, cf., Section].

Armstrong, M. A. (1988) Groups and Symmetry, Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics, New York: Springer, xi + 186 pp.

Farmer, D. W. (1996) Groups and Symmetry: A Guide to Discovering Mathematics, Mathematical World, Vol. 5, Providence, Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society, viii + 102 pp.

Martin, G. E. (1982) Transformation Geometry: An Introduction to Symmetry, Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics, New York: Springer, xii + 237 pp.
* 2nd printing, corrected, ibid., 1987.

Morcillo Rubio, J. and García Pérez, V. (1989) Teoría de grupos y simetría, [Theory of Groups and Symmetry, in Spanish], Madrid: Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, 74 pp.
* Reprint ed., ibid., 1991.

Takahashi, R. (1998) Taishousei no suugaku: Mon'you no kikagaku to gunron, [The Mathematics of Symmetry: Geometry of Patterns and Group Theory, in Japanese], Tokyo: Housou Daigaku [University of the Air <Broadcasting University>], 163 pp.

Tang, Y. Q. (1979) Duìchènxìng yuánli: Youxiàn duìchènqúnde biaoxiàn ji qi qúnlùn yuánli, [Symmetry Principles: The Representation of Finite Symmetry Groups and Their Group-Theoretic Principles, in Chinese], Beijing [Peking]: Kexué chuban shè [Science Publishing Company], iii + 284 pp. [Each chapter contains exercises; the English description of the book is available in Mathematical Reviews 1984, cf., 84e:20052].

Also see
* Graduate textbooks ® Section 1.3. Mathematical education, elementary mathematics

Breiteig, T. (1978) Symmetri og monster i planet, [Symmetry and Pattern in the Plane, in Norwegian], Kristiansand [Norway]: Kristiansand laererhogskole [Kristiansand Teacher-College], 79 pp.

Crowe, D. (1986) Symmetry, Rigid Motions, and Patterns, Arlington, Massachusetts: COMAP [Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications], viii + 36 [+ 20] pp.
* Abbreviated version, The UMAP Journal, 3 (1987), 207-236.

Dienes, Z. P. and Mezard, S. (1971) Logica, insiemi e simmetria, [Logic, Sets and Symmetry, in Italian], Paris: O.C.D.L., 63 pp.

Fey, J. T. and Lappan, G. (1997) Kaleidoscopes, Hubcaps and Mirrors: Symmetry and Transformations, Ed. by C. Anderson, White Plains, New York: Seymour Publications, 209 pp.

Kufner, A. (1982) Symetrické funkce, [Symmetric Functions, in Czech], Skola mladych matematiku [Series: School of Young Mathematicians], Praha [Prague]: Mlada frontá, 116 pp.

Rossevatn, K. M. (1998) Dynamisk geometri i undervisning: Symmetri og rotasjon, [Dynamic Geometry in Teaching: Symmetry and Rotation, in Norwegian], Kristiansand [Norway]: Institutt for matematiske fag, Hogskolen i Agder [Institute for the Mathematical Subject, College in Agder], 127 pp.

Rull Perez, F. (1987) Estudio de las propiedades de simetría de los bordados y encajes en la región de Castilla y Leon, [Study of the Symmetry-Properties of the Embroideries and Laces in the Region of Castilla and Leon, in Spanish], Valladolid: Instituto de Ciencias de la Educacion, Universidad de Valladolid, 80 pp.

Walser, H. (1998) Symmetrie, [Symmetry, in German], [Series] Einblicke in die Wissenschaft: Mathematik, Leipzig: Teubner, 106 pp.

There are many related booklets which are shorter than our limit of 50 pages. Illustrating the broad international interest in symmetry, we refer here to two items that was published in Fiji, a South Pacific island country (population ca. 750,000), and Kiribati, a country of tropical islands and atolls (population ca. 70,000), respectively:

* Symmetry, Pupils' Pamphlet A18, [Suva, Fiji]: University of the South Pacific, 30 pp.
* Symmetry, Class 6, [Tarawa, Kiribati]: USP [University of the South Pacific] Kiribati Project, 28 pp.

1.2.2 Crystallography

Alvarez Pérez, A. and Briansó, J. L. (1983) Los Sistemas crístalográficos y su simetría, [Crystallographic Systems and Their Symmetry, in Spanish], Ballaterra: Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona.

Arenas Rosado, J. F. and Fernández Gómez, M. (1979) Apuntes de teoría de grupos y simetría, [Lectures Notes on Theory of Groups and Symmetry, in Spanish], Granada: Universidad, Facultad de Ciencias, Departamento de Química-Física, 518 leaves.

Bojarski, Z., Habla, H., and Surowiec, M. (1976) Materialy do cwiczen z krystalografii, [Materials for Exercises in Crystallography, in Polish],
* Zeszyt 3: Symetria w morfologii krysztalów, grupy punktowe, [Booklet 3: Symmetry in the Morphology of Crystals, Point Groups, in Polish],
* Zeszyt 4: Symetria w budowie wewnetrznej cial krystalicznych, grupy przestrzenne, [Symmetry in the Internal Structure of Crystalline Materials, Space Groups, in Polish],
Katowice [Poland]: Uniwersytet Slaski [University of Silesia], 48 + 51 pp. [The subtitles of Booklets 1, 2, and 5 do not refer to symmetry].
* Cf., Bojarski, Z., Habla, H., and Surowiec, M., Materialy do nauki krystalografii, [Materials for the Science of Crystallography, in Polish], Ed. by Z. Bojarski, Warszawa: Panstwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe (PWN), 1986, 287 pp. [Some of the earlier materials are integrated here].

Dubov, P. L., Frank-Kamenetskii, V. A., and Shafranovskii, I. I. (1984-87)
* [1] Klassicheskaya simmetriya, [Classical Symmetry, in Russian],
* [2] Obobshchennaya simmetriya, [Generalized Symmetry, in Russian],
* [3] Antisimmetriya, [Antisymmetry <Black-and-White Symmetry>, in Russian],
* [4] Tablitsy dlya samostoyatel'nykh zanyatii studentov pri izuchenii simmetrii kristallov: Fedorovskie gruppy kubicheskoi singonii, [Tables for Individual Work of Students for the Study of Symmetry of Crystals: Fedorov Groups <Space Groups> of the Cubic System, in Russian],
Leningrad [now Sankt-Peterburg]: Leningradskii gosudarstvennyi universitet [Leningrad <St. Petersburg> State University], 85 + 73 + 78 + 34 pp. [In the case of [1] the order of authors is different: Frank-Kamenetskii, Dubov, Shafranovskii].

Hahn, T., ed. (1985) International Tables for Crystallography, Brief Teaching Edition of Vol. A: Space-Group Symmetry, Dordrecht [The Netherlands]: Reidel, viii + 119 pp.
* 2nd revised ed., ibid., 1988, viii + 119 pp.
* 3rd enlarged ed., Dordrecht [The Netherlands]: Kluwer, 1993, viii + 152 pp.

Harsch, G. and Schmidt, R. (1981) Kristallgeometrie: Packungen und Symmetrie in Stereodarstellung, [Crystal-Geometry: Packings and Symmetry in Stereo-Representation, in German], Arbeitsbücher Chemie, Frankfurt am Main: Diesterweg and Aarau [Switzerland]: Sauerländer, 120 pp.

Loub, J. (1987) Krystalová struktura, symetrie a rentgenová difrakce: Urceno pro posluchace fakulty prirodovedecke, [Crystal Structure, Symmetry and X-Ray Diffraction: Intended for Students of the Faculty of Natural Science <Faculty of Science>, in Czech], Praha [Prague]: Státní pedagogicke nakladatelství (SPN), 142 pp. [Published for Charles University].

Nedoma, J. (1984) Elementy symetrii: Grupy punktowe, [Elements of Symmetry: Point-Groups, in Polish], Kraków [Cracow]: Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza [Academy <College> of Mining and Metallurgy], 198 pp.

Planelles Fuster, J. (1996) Teoria de grups de simetria, [Theory of Groups of Symmetry, in Catalan], Castelló [Castellón de la Plana]: Publicacions de la Universitat Jaume I, 162 pp.

Trzaska Durski, Z. (1983) Symetria w krystalografii, [Symmetry in Crystallography, in Polish], Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Politechniki Warszawskiej [Publishing House of the Warsaw Polytechnics <Warsaw University of Technology>], 165 pp.

1.2.3 Physics (other than crystallography)

Abiko, S. and Koide, S. (1987) Butsurigaku: Enerugii, taishousei, entoropii, [Physics: Energy, Symmetry, Entropy, in Japanese], Tokyo: Toukyou Kyougakusha, xii + 417 pp.

Schottenloher, M. (1993) Geometrie und Symmetrie in der Physik: Leitmotiv der mathematischen Physik, [Geometry and Symmetry in Physics: Leitmotiv of Mathematical Physics, in German], Vieweg-Lehrbuch mathematischen Physik, Wiesbaden: Vieweg, xxii + 408 pp.

Also see
* Engineering, technology ® Section 1.2.7,
* Graduate textbooks ® Section 1.3.

1.2.4 Chemistry (other than crystallography)

Borsdorf, R., Dietz, F., Leonhardt, G., and Reinhold, J. (1975) Einführung in die Molekülsymmetrie: Ein Lehrprogramm für Hochschulen, Chemie Programm, [Introduction to Molecular Symmetry: A Course-Program for Universities, Chemistry Program, in German], Taschentext, Weinheim [Germany]: VCH and Physik Verlag, 112 pp.

Dorain, P. B. (1965) Symmetry in Inorganic Chemistry, Reading, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley, vi + 122 pp.

- Polish trans., Symetria w chemii nieorganicznej, Warszawa: Panstwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe (PWN), 1968.

- Japanese trans., Muki kagaku nyuumon: Taishousei to kouzou, [Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry: Symmetry and Structure, in Japanese], Tokyo: Baifuukan, 1970, 183 pp.

- German trans., Symmetrie und anorganische Strukturchemie: Lehrbuch für Chemiker, Physiker, Physikochemiker und Kristallographen ab 3. Semester, [Symmetry in Inorganic Structure-Chemistry: Textbook for Chemists, Physicists, Physico-Chemists and Crystallographers from the Third Semester, in German], [Series] Uni-Text / Lehrprogram, Wiesbaden: Vieweg, 1972, 146 pp.

Fiser, J. (1976) Uvod do molekulové symetrie: Urceno pro posluchace fakulty prirodovedecke, [Introduction to Molecular Symmetry: Intended for Students of the Faculty of Natural Science <Faculty of Science>, in Czech], Praha [Prague]: Státní pedagogicke nakladatelství (SPN), 197 pp.

Fiser, J. (1980) Uvod do molekulové symetrie: Aplikace teorie grup v chemii, [Introduction to Molecular Symmetry: Application of Theory of Group in Chemistry, in Czech], Praha [Prague]: Státní nakladatelství technické literatury (SNTL), 287 pp.

Grodzicki, A. (1977) Symetria czasteczek a ich widma oscylacyjne: Materialy do cwiczen ze spektroskopii molekularnej, [Symmetry of Particles and Their Vibrational Spectra: Materials for Exercises in Molecular Spectroscopy, in Polish], Torun [Poland]: Uniwersytet Mikolaja Kopernika [Nicolas Copernicus University], 72 pp.

Grodzicki, A. (1988) Symetria czasteczek a ich widma oscylacyjne: Skrypt dla studentów chemii, fizyki i biologii uniwersytetów, [Symmetry of Molecules and Their Vibrational Spectra: Lecture-Notes for Students of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology of Universtities, in Polish], Warszawa: Panstwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe (PWN), 87 pp.

Hollas, J. M. (1972) Symmetry in Molecules, Chapman and Hall Chemistry Textbook Series, London: Chapman and Hall, x + 218 pp.

- German trans., revised, Symmetrie von Molekülen: Eine Einführung in die Anwendung von Symmetriebetrachtungen in der Chemie, [Symmetry in Molecules: An Introduction to the Application of Symmetry-Considerations in Chemistry, in German], de Gruyter Lehrbuch, Berlin: de Gruyter, 1975, 232 pp.

Jaffé, H. H. and Orchin, M. (1965) Symmetry in Chemistry, New York: Wiley, x + 191 pp.
* Reprint ed., Huntington, New York: Krieger, 1977, x + 193 pp.

- Japanese trans., Gunron nyuumon: Kagaku ni okeru taishou, [Introduction to Group Theory: Symmetry in Chemistry, in Japanese], Tokyo: Toukyou Kagaku Doujin, 1966, 191 pp.
* Japanese reprint eds., ibid., 191 pp.

- Spanish trans., Simetría en química, Madrid: Alhambra, 1967, xi + 208 pp.

- German trans., Symmetrie in der Chemie: Anwendung der Gruppentheorie auf chemische Probleme, [Symmetry in Chemistry: The Application of Group Theory for Chemical Problems, in German], Heidelberg: Hüthig and Stuttgart: UTB (Uni-Taschenbücher), 1973, 186 pp.

- Russian trans., Dzhaffe, G. and Orchin, M., Simmetriya v khimii, Moskva: Mir, 1976.

Kettle, S. F. A. (1985) Symmetry and Structure, Chichester [England]: Wiley, x + 330 pp.
* Paperback ed., ibid., 1989.
* Reprint ed., corrected, ibid., 1992.
* 2nd ed., Symmetry and Structure: Readable Group Theory for Chemists, Chichester [England]: Wiley, 1995, xii + 416 pp.

- German trans. of the 1st corrected ed., Symmetrie und Struktur: Eine Einführung in die Gruppentheorie, [Symmetry and Structure: An Introduction to Group Theory, in German], [Series] Teubner Studienbücher: Chemie, Stuttgart: Teubner, 1994, 393 pp.

Klasinc, L., Maksic, Z., and Trinajstic, N. (1979) Simetrija molekula, [Symmetry of Molecules, in Serbo-Croatian], Zagreb: Skolska knjiga, viii + 131 pp.

Kober, F. (1983) Symmetrie der Moleküle, [Symmetry of Molecules, in German], Studienbücher Chemie, Frankfurt am Main: Diesterweg and Aarau [Switzerland]: Sauerländer, vi + 217 pp.

Kuzma, M. (1991) Symetria polimerów: Wlasnosci fizyczne, [Symmetry of Polymers: Physical Properties, in Polish], Rzeszów: Wyzsza Szkola Pedagogiczna w Rzeszówie [Teacher-Training College in Rzeszów], 224 pp.

Nakazaki, M. (1969) Bunshi no katachi to taishou: Sono hyouji hou, [Form and Symmetry of Molecules: Their Representation Rules, in Japanese], Tokyo: Nankoudou, vi + 278 pp.
* Reprint ed., ibid., 1973, vi + 278 pp.

Nakazaki, M. (1973) Bunshi no taishou to gunron, [Symmetry of Molecules and Group Theory, in Japanese], Tokyo: Toukyou Kagaku Doujin, vi + 260 pp.
* Reprint eds., ibid., vi + 260 pp.

Nakazaki, M. (1975) Ritai kagaku 1: Taishou o chuushin ni, [Stereochemistry 1: Symmetry in the Focus, in Japanese], Tokyo: Toukyou Kagaku Doujin, vi + 346 pp.

Nakazaki, M. (1976) Kagaku to taishousei: Gunron nyuumon, [Chemistry and Symmetry: Introduction to Group Theory, in Japanese], Tokyo: Nankoudou, vi + 220 pp.

Papulov, Yu. G. (1979) Simmetriya molekul: Uchebnoe posobie, [Symmetry of Molecules: A Textbook, in Russian], Kalinin [now Tver', Russia]: Kalininskii gosudarstvennyi universitet [Kalinin <Tver> State Unmviersity], 84 pp.

Papulov, Yu. G. (1988) Simmetriya v khimii, [Symmetry in Chemistry, in Russian], Kalinin [now Tver', Russia]: Kalininskii gosudarstvennyi universitet [Kalinin <Tver> State Unmviersity], 83 pp.

Vincent, A. (1977) Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory: A Programmed Introduction to Chemical Applications, London: Wiley, 156 pp.

- Hungarian trans., Molekuláris szimmetria és csoportelmélet: Programozott bevezetés a kémiai alkalmazásokba, Budapest: Tankönyvkiadó, 1987, 183 pp.

Wolff, R. and Kober, F. (1977) Symmetrie und Gruppentheorie in der Chemie, [Symmetry and Group Theory in Chemistry, in German], Der Chemieunterricht [Chemistry Education], Jahrgang 8, Heft 1, Stuttgart: Klett, 83 pp.

Zorkii, P. M. (1986) Simmetriya molekul i kristallicheskikh struktur, [Symmetry of Molecules and Crystalline Structures, in Russian], Moskva: Izdatel'stvo Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta [Publishing House of Moscow State University], 231 pp.

Zorkii, P. M. and Afonina, N. N. (1979) Simmetriya molekul i kristallov, [Symmetry of Molecules and Crystals, in Russian], Moskva: Izdatel'stvo Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta [Publishing House of Moscow State University], 176 pp.

Note: Dorain (1965), Jaffé and Orchin (1965), and Kettle (1985), see above, were not published originally as textbooks. However, their German translations are in series of university textbooks. Chemical reactions (orbital theory)

There are some guides, programmed texts, and problem books on orbital symmetry, which is useful to predict and explain certain types of reactions in inoragnic chemistry. However, this topic is more specialized and we keep all of the related books together in Section

See there especially,
Bellamy (1974), Entwistle (1972), Gilchrist and Storr (1972), Lehr and Marchand (1972), Orchin and Jaffé (1971b), and Sunjic (1979).

1.2.5 Biology

Hámori, J. (1996) Agyi aszimmetriák, [Brain Asymmetries, in Hungarian], Pécs [Hungary]: Janus Pannonius Tudományegyetem [Janus Pannonius University], 152 pp.

* Grodzicki (1988) on spectroscopy ® Section 1.2.4.
* Khakimov (1986) on symmetry in nature ® Section 1.2.6.

1.2.6 Earth sciences

Khakimov, E. M. (1986) Sistemno-simmetriinyi analiz ob''ektov prirody (Posobie po spetskursu), [Systemo-Symmetric Analysis of Objects of Nature (Textbook for a Special Topic Course), in Russian], Kazan' [Russia]: Chelyabinskii gosudarstvennyi pedagogicheskii institut [Chelyabinsk State Teacher-Training Institute <College>], 95 pp. [Published for students of geologo-geographical disciplines, also recommended for students of biology and chemistry (cf., preface, p. 4), and those who are interested in the philosophical questions of science (cf., annotation, p. 2)].

1.2.7 Engineering, technology

Aksan, M. (1969) Ucus dinamigi: Simetrik hareketler, [Aerodynamics: Symmetric Movements, in Turkish], Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Kütüphanesi Sayi 777 [Istanbul Technical University's Library <Series of Books> No. 777], Istanbul: Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, 127 pp.

Grigorovskii, B. K. (1982) Printsip simmetrii v zadachakh izmeritel'noi tekhniki (Uchebnoe posobie), [Symmetry Principle in Exercises of Measuring Technique (Textbook), in Russian], Kuibyshev [Russia]: Aviatsionnyi institut [Avitation Institute <College>], 94 pp.

Povileiko, R. P. (1970) Simmetriya v tekhnike (Eksperimental'naya lektsiya dlya studentov konstruktorskikh spetsial'nostei mashinostroitel'nykh i priborostroitel'nykh fakul'tetov Novosibirskogo èlektrotekhnicheskogo instituta), [Symmetry in Technology (Experimental Lecture for Students Specialized in Design at the Faculties of Machine-Building and Instrument-Making of the Novosibirsk Institute <College> of Electrotechnology <Electrical Engineering>), in Russian], Novosibirsk [Russia]: Novosibirskii èlektrotekhnicheskii institut, 129 pp.

1.2.8 Arts and the Humanities

Goncharenko, S. S. (1993) Zerkal'naya simmetriya v muzyke: Na materiale tvorchestva kompozitorov XIX i pervoi poloviny XX veka, [Mirror Symmetry in Music: On the Material of Works by Composers of the 19th and the First Half of the 20th century, in Russian], Novosibirsk: Novosibirskaya gosudarstvennaya konservatoriya im. M. I. Glinki [Novosibirsk M. I. Glinka State Conservatoire <Conservatory named after M. I. Glinka>], 231 pp.

Markova, O. B. (1996) Simmetricheskie kompozitsii liricheskogo stikhotvoreniya, [Symmetrical Compositions of Lyrical Poems, in Russian], Almaty [Kazakhstan]: Zhibek Zholy, 94 pp. [Added note: A teaching aid for philological faculties of higher educational institutions].

1.3 Graduate textbooks: Mathematics and/or physics

Altarelli, G. (1969) Symmetry Groups and Current Algebra, Lectures delivered by G. Altarelli, Notes compiled by R. Garcia, H. Moreno, and E. Hinojosa, Mexico City: Centro de investigacion y estudios avanzados del Instituto politechnico nacional, iii + 157 pp.

Fuchs, J. (1997) Symmetries, Lie Algebras and Representations: A Graduate Course for Physicists, Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics, Cambridge [England]: Cambridge University Press, xxi + 438 pp.

Joshua, S. J. (1991) Symmetry Principles and Magnetic Symmetry in Solid State Physics, Graduate Student Series in Physics, Bristol: Hilger, xii + 270 pp.
* Paparback ed., ibid.

Marsden, J. E. and Ratiu, T. (1994) Introduction to Mechanics and Symmetry: A Basic Exposition of Classical Mechanical Systems, Texts in Applied Mathematics, Vol. 17, New York: Springer, xiv + 500 pp.

Sailer, K. (1994) Szimmetriák sértése a kvantumelméletben: Speciális elöadások, [Breaking of Symmetries in Quantum Theory: Special-Topic Lectures, in Hungarian], Debrecen [Hungary]: Kossuth Lajos Tudományegyetem [Kossuth Lajos University], 170 pp.

Zamorzaev, A. M. and Palistrant, A. F. (1977) Teoriya diskretnykh grupp simmetrii: Lektsii po spetskursu, [Theory of Discrete Symmetry Groups: Lectures for a Special Topic Course, in Russian], Kishinev [Moldavskoi SSR, now Moldova]: Kishinevskii gosudarstvennyi universitet [Kishinev State University], 101 pp. [Mathematics, Mathematical Crystallography].

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