Bridges of Mathematics,
Art, and Physics

Douglas D. Peden
Independent Artist
Essex, NY 12936-0003


This paper is presented as an introduction to my art and its geometry in the union of three areas of our experience -  mathematics, art, and physics.

1. Introduction

Artists invent worlds with their own laws and limitations,  sometimes called style. Within this context, artists express themselves, their culture, indeed, a world we all share. Art as well as science and mathematics is a world to explore and discover that which defines us and expands the parameters of our experience. For example, in the visual arts we have various spatial approaches such as perspective, realist, cubist, atmospheric, etc. For the most part, they are all based on a Cartesian grid. Out of my art has grown a different mathematical structure based on a curvilinear coordinate system which I call Wave Space Geometry.

The two basic facets of Wave Space Geometry to be considered in this paper are what I call Common Wave Space (CWS) and Interphase Wave Space (IWS). I will attempt to show how these geometries are used in my painting, and share some observations and speculations concerning my work and our own physical world.