Third International Conference

Geometry, Dynamics, Integrable Systems  –  GDIS 2011

Lisbon – Sintra, 10 – 16 September 2011

Organizing institutions
University of Lisbon, Group of Mathematical Physics (GFMUL)the host
Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS (Moscow)
Mathematical Institute SANU (Belgrade)
Journal Regular and Chaotic Dynamics
Institute of Computer Science, Udmurt State University
Valery V. Kozlov, Vladimir Dragovic, Ana Bela Cruzeiro, Alexey Borisov
Main topics
Nonholonomic mechanics and multi-body dynamics  •  Systems with friction  •  Classical mechanical integrable systems  •  Optimal control and mechanics  •  Algebro-geometric methods in mechanics  •  Applications to robototechnics and biomechanics
The conference starts on Saturday morning, 10 September and lasts till Friday, 16 September. The suggested arrival day is 9 September; the suggested departure day is 16 September. Number of lectures will be limited. Poster session will be organized.
Abstracts and papers
We plan to have abstracts of lectures printed in advance. If you intend to present a talk, send us your abstract by 20 June. We also plan to publish the proceedings of the conference. The participants are invited to submit their papers by the end of the year.
The conference fee for participants is 60 Euro and it is paid at the registration desk. It covers the cost of the conference materials and refreshments.
Social events
Social programme, which includes the conference dinner and excursion will be organized. The excursion day is 13 September. Admission to the social events costs 130 Euro and is paid at the registration desk.