Seminar for Geometry, Algebra and Topology


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dr Sinisa Vrecica,

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dr Rade Zivaljevic

GTA seminar or the seminar for Geometry, Topology and Algebra was spontaneously created by a group of Belgrade mathematicians with different mathematical background around 1985. This group was initially formed by Sava Krstic (Math. Institute SANU)), Aleksandar Lipkovski (Belgrade Univ.), Aleksandar Vucic (Belgrade Univ.), Sinisa Vrecica (Belgrade Univ.) and Rade Zivaljevic (Math. Inst. SANU). Over the years the seminar continually worked and attracted some of the most talented young Yugoslav mathematicians. Among the visitors and friends of the seminar we acknowledge a special contribution of Jurij Petrovic Solovjov, professor of the Moscow State University (MGU).

Over the years the seminar and the associated GTA graduate courses covered topics from the theory of Lie groups, algebraic curves, dihedral and cyclic homology, theory of group actions, Borsuk-Ulam type theorems and applications, discrete and computational geometry, automorphisms of free groups, hyperplane arrangements, stable homotopy theory, knot invariants and much more. Currently the topics that receive most of attention are applications of topological methods in combinatorics and combinatorial geometry the theory of convex polytopes and algebraic geometry (toric varieties, Newton polyhedra) arrangements of hyperplanes, Goresky-MacPherson type formulas knot invariants, configuration spaces and three manifolds.

The program of the seminar keeps changing but two characteristics are preserved. The seminar emphasizes the interplay of ideas from different mathematical fields affirming the unity of mathematics. Coffee maker (a souvenir from the Givat Ram University) and (sometimes) light refreshment provide an informal and friendly atmosphere in the seminar very convenient for a creative exchange of ideas.

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