Since 1961 the Institute has presented two colloquiums of general interest: the Mathematics Colloquium and the Mechanics Colloquium. These weekly meetings are organized under the supervision of the Scientific Council of the Institute.

Mathematics Colloquium Mechanics Colloquium

In March 2012 the Scientific Council and the Managing Board of the Institute have founded a new colloquium.

Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Colloquium


Seminars have always been of vital importance to the Institute. In these seminars members of the Institute meet regularly to exchange views and information through lectures and discussions. The following list provides an abbreviated report on the current state of our seminar activities.

Mathematical Logic
Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Probability Logic
General Proof Theory
Geometry, Algebra and Topology
Mathematical Methods of Mechanics
History and Philosophy of Mathematics, Mechanics and Astronomy
Geometry, Education and Visualization with Applications
Hydrodynamics Stability and Turbulence
Automated Reasoning and Parallelism
Foundations of Mathematics (in Kragujevac)
Generalized Product and Integral Transformations (in Novi Sad)
Orthogonality and Applications (in Niš)
Algebra (in Niš)
Nonlinear Dynamics (in Niš)
Generalized Inverse and Applications (in Niš)