Paulus Gerdes

Basketry, Geometry, and Symmetry in Africa and the Americas

Special E-Book issue of the International Journal Visual Mathematics, Belgrade



1. Geometrical aspects of Bora basketry in the Peruvian Amazon

2. Geometry and symmetry of mavuku baskets among the Makhuwa of Northeast Mozambique

3. Spirals interwoven in ipadge basket trays among the Makhuwa (Mozambique)

4. Circular tinhlèlò basket trays from Manhiça in the South of Mozambique: Geometrical virtuosity of two Changana basket weavers

5. Exploring plaited plane patterns among the Tonga in Inhambane (Mozambique)

6. Colour transformation of strip patterns in Tonga basketry (Mozambique

7.  Plaited strip patterns on Tonga handbags in Inhambane (Mozambique) Update 2004

8. Geometric ornamentation and arithmetic in the Brazilian Amazon: Analysis of cylindrical baskets with a square base

9. Cylindrical baskets with a square base from the Bora (Peruvian Amazon)

10. Examples of Design Transformation: Delicately decorated seventeenth century Kongo baskets

11. Examples of twill plaited patterns with spirals from the Yombe (Congo)

12. Colourings of regular twill plaited mats and baskets: Examples from Mexico and Mozambique

13 Twill plaited mats from the Mbole Mongo in Northeastern Congo

14 Some designs on twill plaited baskets and mats from Angola

15. Some classes of twill plaited designs and patterns with sets of concentric toothed squares

15.1 Nested toothed square designs on twill plaited mats and baskets

15.2 Regular square plane patterns on twill plaited mats and baskets

15.3 Semi-regular square plane patterns on twill plaited mats and baskets

15.4 Strings of connected toothed squares on twill plaited mats and baskets