Special Issue:
Intersections of Art and Science
Extended Abstracts


Aguiló, F., Fiol, M. A., and Fiol, M. L.: On constructing 2D and 3D equidecompositions using tessellations as a dissection tool 

Argumedo, C., Blanco, Ma F., and Giordano, D.: Heterotopy: heterogeneous structures through combination of geometric bi-dimensional systems 

Baines, R.: Reconstruction of historical jewellery and its symmetry with the contemporary document 

Barrallo, J., Sánchez, S.: Iteration into the complex plane: symmetries and transformations 

Bérczi Sz., Kabai, S.: Intersections of art and science in ancient and modern graphics 

Bérczi, Sz., Sano, O., and Takaki R.: Snake patterns in Eurasia/Japan and their implications 

Blanco, Mª F., Pisonero M.: An application of graphs in architecture

Brodyk, A.: Genomic art and culture

Bulckens, A. M.: The Parthenonís symmetry 

Caivano, J. L.: Rhetoric and symmetry: a neglected linkage 

Coats, L.: Shifting geometries Ė dimensional colour in abstract painting 

Davis, A. B.: Natureís statistical symmetries, a characterization by wavelets

De Lorenzo,C.: Discourses on photography and nature across time and place

English, J.: Cosmos versus canvas: tensions between art and science in 
astronomical images

Goranson, H. T.: Toward a study of string figures and knowledge representation

Green, M. K.: R. N. Elliott on social mood and social change 

Hofman-Jablan, J.: Antisymmetry and colored symmetry in musical works 

Huff, W. S.: The hinged dodecahedron

Huylebrouck, D.: The golden section as an optimal solution 

Kappraff, J., Adamson, G. V.: Polygons and chaos

Kirihara, F.: Katachi emerging from the ocean

Korren, A.: Identical dual lattices and subdivision of space

Lugosi, G.: Folk art and symmetries of permutation - generated signs

Makarova, V.: Symmetry, dissymetry, and antisymmetry in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment 

Malin, D.: Symmetry and colour in art and science 

Matozaki, T.: Automatic extraction of tissue form in brain image

Mellick, R.: Neuroscience, art and consciousness

Menning, M.: The confluence of art and science: holographic symmetry, methodologies and concepts

Moriyama, M., Moriyama M.: Art of dynamic symmetry: ikebana, Japanese traditional flower arrangement

Morrison, T.: The typology of the meandering symbol and an application of this typology to the Cretan labyrinth 

Nagy, D.: From the golden section to "symmetric" intersection of art and science in the age of infor-maths (in-forma-thematics) 

Ogawa, T.: Viva philomorph 

Ogawa, T., Ogawa, T.: Geometry of democracy

Papas, J.: The reliance on the architectonincs of simple geometric form

Price, J.: Geometrical and artistic symmetry in the Sulba sûtras

Ramírez, M., Sánchez, B.: Cyclic environment and brain asymmetry

Rämme, G.: Musicolor - visualizing music by means of a soap film

Rebielak, J.: Space structures shaping and visualization of their digital models by means of Formian 

Reyes-Iglesias, Mª E.: Paper folding and proportions in polygons 

Schwabe, C.: Polytopia performance

Séquin, C. H.: Symmetries on the sphere

Sugimoto, T., Tanemura, M.: Random sequential covering of a sphere with identical spherical caps 

Takaki, R.: Towards a reformation of Chinese ideographs

Takizawa, A., Kawamura, H., and Tani, A.: Reproduction of Burgesís concentric circle land-use model by multi agent system

Tanemura, M.: Random Voronoi cells of higher dimensions

Tarnai, T.: Pentagon packing in a circle and on a sphere

Taylor, R. P., Newell, B. R., Spehar, B., and Clifford, C. W. G.: Fractals: a resonance between art and nature? 

Tolmie, J.: A visual notation for rational numbers mod

Trivedi, K.: The asymmetry of symmetry: the left and the right in Hindu philosophy, art and life

Yanai, H.: Parabola drawing methods in traditional Japanese architecture

Yevin, I.: Complexity theory of art