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Mathematical Institute
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Kneza Mihaila 36,
Belgrade, Serbia

Tel.: (381-11) 3348-981
Fax.: (381-11) 2186-105

E-MAIL: bfemic@mi.sanu.ac.rs



Research interests
    Hopf algebras, Hopf-Galois theory, braided category theory, Brauer groups, corings, bialgebroids.


  • Research Assistant at Mathematical Institute (SANU), Belgrade, Serbia (since September 2008).
  • Loan administrator, internship in Webac, Munich (April 2003 - September 2003).




Publication list
  • The Brauer Group of Azumaya Corings and the Second Cohomology Group (joint with Stefaan Caenepeel), K-theory 34 (2005), 361-393;
  •   In preparation

  • Cohomology over commutative Hopf algebroids (joint with Stefaan Caenepeel);
  • Braided Galois objects and lazy cohomology of certain Radford biproducts (joint with Juan Cuadra);
  • A tool to compute the Brauer group of some quasitriangular Hopf algebras (joint with Juan Cuadra).


Languages spoken
  • English,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
  •   Basic idea of

  • French,
  • Portuguese.


Hobbies and interests
    Clothes design, painting, singing, dancing, languages.


Picture of Bojana Femi'

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