Fourth International Conference

Geometry, Dynamics, Integrable Systems  –  GDIS 2013

Izhevsk, 10 – 14 June 2013

About Izhevsk and Udmurt Republic
Izhevsk is the capital of the Udmurt Republic, Russia. It is one of the great industrial, scientific and cultural centers of Russia and specializes in motor-car, military and arms industry. There are several institutions of higher education: Udmurt State University, Technical State University, Medical Academy etc. There are also museums and theatres. One of the most popular museums is the Ethnographic Museum-Preserve in Ludorvai (The Estate Museum of Aboriginal Population) where the Udmurt culture and estates are represented by traditional structures. The most famous person of Izhevsk is Mikhail Kalashnikov whose submachine gun is engineered and produced in Izhevsk. The Udmurt Republic is also the homeland of the great Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky.
There are airplane and railway services between Moscow and Izhevsk.
Flight schedule Moscow-Izhevsk-Moscow (every day, Moscow time)
Departure from Moscow Arrival to Izhevsk
10:00 12:00
19:55 22:00
Departure from Izhevsk Arrival to Moscow
07:00 09:00
17:00 18:50

If you are planning to arrive to Moscow by plane, you should check to which of the international airports you will land. If it is not Domodedovo, please take into account that the minimum connection time to change airports in Moscow is 5 hours. There is a train service between the airports and the Kol'tsevaya Metro Line.
The Moscow Metro Scheme (GIF, 270K)

The railway station of departure from/arrival in Moscow is Kazanskiy Vokzal (The Kazan Railway Station). That station is located at the Komsomolskaya Metro Station of the Kol'tsevaya Metro Line. You may also want to consult the Moscow Metro Scheme.

Train schedule Moscow-Izhevsk-Moscow (every day, Moscow time)
Departure from Moscow Arrival to Izhevsk
17:48 10:43
Departure from Izhevsk Arrival to Moscow
16:47 10:08
At the moment the costs of train and airplane round-trip tickets are about USD 350, but they can increase in the course of time.
Participants should arrive to Moscow on June 9-10 and depart on June 15-16.
Please, do not hesitate to contact the organizing committee if you have any questions concerning transfers.
The organizing committee suggests the hotel Izhhotel not far from Udmurt State University on favourable terms. The preliminary price list for GDIS participants in Izhhotel:
Room Cost for participants
per night per person
Single Suite 1610 RUB / 40 Euro
Single room first class 1365 RUB / 35 Euro
Single room second class 1015 RUB / 26 Euro
Triple room (economy class) 500 RUB / 12 Euro
Additional place in the room 500 RUB / 12 Euro
Participants can also choose Hotel Park by Radisson or Hotel Centralnaya located in the center of Izhevsk, not far from Udmurt State University.
Transportation from the airport / railway station to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport / railway station after completion of the Conference as well as transportation between the hotel and Udmurt State University will be organized.
Currency and payment
The only currency in official use in Russia is Russian rouble. The exchange rates fluctuate, but are approximately 1 euro = 40 roubles, 1 usd = 30 roubles. The hotel reception accepts cash payments in Russian roubles as well as Visa, Master and other cards.
Weather and clothing
In early June the weather in the area of Izhevsk is usually pleasantly warm and sunny, with fresh evenings and occasional rains. Since some excursions are planned, take care to bring comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for walking.
In Izhevsk
The map (JPG, 630K)