Proceedings of XVII geometrical Seminar September, 3-8, 2012, Zlatibor Editors: Miroslava Antic, Zoran Rakic and Srdjan Vukmirovic


List of participants

Conference photo

In Memory of Franki Dillen
Bang-Yen Chen and Luc Vrancken;


Gromov Minimal Fillings for Finite Metric Spaces
Alexander O. Ivanov and Alexey A. Tuzhilin;

3 - 15

Minkowski Plane, Confocal Conics, and Billiards
Vladimir Dragovic and Milena Radnovic;

17 - 30

The Schouten-van Kampen Affine Connections Adapted to Almost (Para)Contact Metric Structures
Zbigniew Olszak;

31 - 42

A Note on Rakic Duality Principle for Osserman Manifolds
Yuri Nikolayevsky and Zoran Rakic;

43 - 45

$\mathcal D$-homothetic Warping
David E. Blair;

47 - 54

On the Converse of Weyl's Conformal and Projective Theorems
Graham Hall;

55 - 65

A Tour Through $\delta$-invariants: from Nash's Embedding Theorem to Ideal Immersions, Best Ways of Living and Beyond
Bang-Yen Chen;

67 - 80

Group Classification of Variable Coefficient Quasilinear Reaction-diffusion Equations
Olena Vaneeva and Alexander Zhalij;

81 - 90

4-Dimensional (Para)-Kaler-Weyl Structures
Peter Gilkey and Stana Nikcevic;

91 - 98

$C_{\infty}$-structure on the Cohomology of the Free 2-Nilpotent Lie Algebra
Michel Dubois-Violette and Todor Popov;

99 - 109

On Riemann and Weyl Compatible Tensors
Ryszard Deszcz, Malgorzata Glogowska, Jan Jelowicki, Miroslava Petrovic-Torgasev and Georges Zafindratafa;

111 - 124

Geodesic Mappings on Compact Riemannian Manifolds with Conditions on Sectional Curvature
Irena Hinterleitner;

125 - 130

Twisted Product $CR$-submanifolds in a Locally Conformal Kaehler Manifold
Koji Matsumoto and Zerrin Senturk;

131 - 140

Magnetic Curves in a Euclidean Space: One Example, Several Approaches
Marian Ioan Munteanu;

141 - 150

Generalized $S$-space-forms
Alicia Prieto-Martin, Luis M. Fernandez and Ana M. Fuentes;

151 - 161

On the Classification of Lorentzian Sasaki Space Forms
Letizia Brunetti and Anna Maria Pastore;

163 - 168

Fixed Points and D-branes
Elaine Beltaos;

169 - 180

Mirror-curve Codes for Knots and Links
Ljiljana Radovic and Slavik Jablan;

181 - 186

A New Model of Nonlocal Modified Gravity
Ivan Dimitrijevic, Branko Dragovich, Jelena Grujic and Zoran Rakic;

187 - 196

Duality Principle and Special Osserman Manifolds
Vladica Andrejic;

197 - 204

On Ricci Type Identities in Manifolds with Non-symmetric Affine Connection
Svetislav M. Mincic;

205 - 217

A Note on Curvature-like Invariants of Some Connections on Locally Decomposable Spaces
Nevena Pusic;

219 - 228

The curvature of Lorentzian S-manifolds with an Osserman-type condition
Letizia Brunetti, Angelo Caldarella;

229 - 236

On generalized quasi-conformally recurrent manifolds
Uday Chand De, Prajjwal Pal;

237 - 252

Curvature pinching for complete totally real submanifolds of a complex projective space
Yoshio Matsuyama;

253 - 262

On definitions of certain submanifolds of complex manifold
Masafumi Okumura;

263 - 268