(1869 - 1951)

Ivan Arnovljević was born on March 7, 1869 at Velika Kikinda, and died in Belgrade on November 9, 1951.

After finishing school at Kikinda and Novi Sad, he received scholarship from Matica srpska to study in Vienna from 1886 to 1892 where he graduated from Technical High School. Thereafter, from 1892 to 1910, he worked in Vienna as construction engineer, first in private construction bureaux and from 1905 in government service.

Between 1906 and 1910, Ivan Arnovljević published nine treatises in Austrian and German technical periodicals, and in 1910 he received doctorate at the High Technical School in Vienna. Thus, with Milutin Milanković somewhat earlier, he became one of the first Serbian doctors of technical sciences. In the same year Dr. Ivan Arnovljević was elected professor of mechanics at the Belgrade University's Technical Faculty. He kept the chair until May 20, 1939, when he retired, but continued teaching kinetics and dynamics until March 27, 1941.

Prof. Dr. Ivan Arnovljević wrote 22 scientific and pedagogical treatises. His works were quoted in 13 foreign and local books, mostly by Austrian and German scientists. His main interest were problems concerning stresses in steel girders and coupled systems. His pedagogical works dealt mainly with the fields of mechanics, geometry and statics. All his books he wrote alone except one where B. Petronijević coauthored.

He was elected corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of sciences, department of technical sciences, in 1948.

His bibliography is found here.

Author: Naerlović-Veljković, Natalija