R. Bojanic


(1930 - 2020)

Stevo Komljenović was born on 8th March 1930 in Veliki Gradac, near Sisak, Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He graduated from Technical High School in Belgrade in 1950. Then he got admitted to the University of Belgrade, majoring Mechanics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. In 1958 Komljenović got employed as Teaching Assistant at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the University of Belgrade, as a member of Physics-Mathematics and later Mechanics departments. He spent a year in Warsaw, in Polish Academy of Sciences in 1962. He defended his PhD entitled ‘Plastic flow with a nonsymmetric stress tensor” at the University of Belgrade in 1964 under the supervision of Academician Tatomir Andjelić. Two other committee members were Professors Vlatko Brčić and Rastko Stojanović. His research interests included Mechanics of Continuum, Theory of Plasticity, Variational Principles. Dr. Komljenović got elected as Assistant Professor of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the University of Kragujevac in 1966. He transferred to the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in 1970. Dr Komljenović served as Director of the Institute in the period 1981–1985.

Important papers from the early stage of his career included: Mechanics of reversible processes in continuum with couple-stress, Derivation of field equations for the classical continuum from the variational principles; Variational principle applied on state of deformations in space of deformations; A criterion of flow for ideally plastic matters; A new conception for the continual theory of plasticity. Later on, he published the following papers: The laws of conservation of one dimensional motion of nonlinear continuum, Publications de l'Institut Mathématique, Nouv. Sér. 23(37), 103–107 (1978); Noether’s theorem and the isoperimetric problem in continuum mechanics, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 5, 44–50 (1979); Constitutive equations for plastic bodies, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 6, 77–80 (1980); A generalization of the contact transformation and their application in continuum mechanics, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 7, 83–87 (1981). He was a referee for the most prestigious journals of that time.

Dr Stevo Komljenović passed away at the age of 90 and was buried on the Belgrade Central Cemetery on 24th of April 2020.

Vladimir Dragović