(1866(?) - 1961)

Nikola Saltikov was born in a place Višni — Voloček, gubernia Tver, Russia. He completed his studies at the University of Kharkov in 1895, and passed his M.A. exam in 1898. He was the student of A.M. Liapunova and V.A. Steklova. He defended his doctoral thesis in the field of mathematical sciences in 1905, and in 1906 he became professor at the University of Kharkov. At the end of November 1919, when the Bolshevik Revolution begin, he left Kharkov and went to Caucasus in Georgia, where he was appointed professor of theoretical mathematics at the Georgian National Institute in Tiflis. Soon after he left Russia. The Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of SHS, on June 14, 1921, appointed him part-time professor of mathematics at the Philosophical Faculty, University of Belgrade, and on June 25, 1930, by the King's decree he was appointed full professor.

Professor Saltikov was interested in problems of theory of partial equations, differential equations, geometry, mechanics. He published about 300 bibliography entries. He wrote a number of studies, monographs and textbooks. His monographs were published in a wellknown monograph of French and foreign mathematicians Memorial des Sciences Mathematiques, Paris. His book Methods of integration of partial equations of the first order with one unknown function, published by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, 1947, 748 pages, is a voluminous study on partial equtions. This work contains his fifty-year experience and study in this field. He took active part on many Yugoslav and international congresses. In 1934, professor Saltikov was elected corresponding member of the Serbian Royal Academy, and in 1946 full member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Many great Russian mathematicians of that time, from one side, were models to professor Saltikov: A.M. Liapunova, V.A. Steklova, V.P. Ermakova, and on the other side were famous French, German and other mathematicians of the XIX century, as are Cauchz, Bertran, Poissou, Jacobi, Sophus Lie, Monge. His enormous knowledge of partial equations enabled him to discover many new facts. He introduced the concept ofcharcteristic function. He generalized Jacobi's theorems on canonical differential equation systems. Saltikov discovered classes of equations with variable separation. He proved that S. Lie's integrals are certain formal generalization of all other integrals.

For partial equations with more then two variables he gave general solution represented by Lie's integrals. Using Monge-Ampere equations he gave a series of supplements. Besides enormous scientific work in the field of mathematics, he lectured at a number of specialized coureses.

Professor Saltikov's active and enthusiastic scientific and pedagogical work at the Belgrade University for almost fifty years, has left permanent contribution to the future generations.

His bibliography is found here.

Author: Knežević-Miljanović, Julka