Center for Advanced Mathematical Methods in Information Technologies - CAMMIT

The Centre was established by the Board of the Institute at its VIII meeting on June 19, 2003.

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CAMMIT is a working unit within Mathematical institute of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts. It engages experts devoted to high quality research in certain areas of mathematics (Cryptology, Digitization of heritage and computer aided training, Graph theory, Logic in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Numerical methods, Optimization, etc.) which are the foundations of information sciences and technologies, as well. The activities of CAMMIT are realized through fundamental research and technological development projects involving 9 full-time and a number of part-time collaborators employed at leading Serbian Universities. Between 2000 and 2004, they have published more than 200 papers in leading international journals with over 1000 citations.

Particular missions of CAMMIT include:

high quality research activities,

dissemination of scientific results,

networking with other research centers in Europe,

developing the infrastructure for collaboration with European partners,

organizing exchange and training of personnel,

organizing scientific and technology events, and open information days for establishing cooperation with IT-companies,

hiring of young researchers.

A special attention is related to organizing open information days for establishing cooperation with IT-companies in order to respond to socio-economic needs in the region. The expected long-term impacts of these activities are related to improving working conditions and access to hi-tech equipment for young researchers.

CAMMIT develops the infrastructure for collaboration with European partners and prepare a foundation for future international cooperation.