The DataFlow Activities at MISANU

About the DataFlow Paradigm

  • Enabler Technologies: FPGA + SmartGraphCompiler
  • Programming Paradigm (for agents):
    Programming Paragidm (for spaces): One writes a program, not to control the flow of data, but to configure the hardware, so, when data comes to the inputs of the hardware, it flows thru the configured hardware and creates the final results one or more orders of magnitude faster.

The SCI Journal Papers Published

    • VKos, A., Rankovic, V., Milutinovic, V., Tomazic, S.,
      "Sorting Networks on Maxeler Dataflow Supercomputing Systems," Advances in Computers (ISSN 0065-2458), Volume 96, Elsevier, Feb 2014.
      (impact factor 0.389/2012).


    • Flynn, M., Mencer, O., Milutinovic, V., Rakocevic, G., Stenstrom, P., Trobec, R., Valero, M.,
      Moving from Petaflops (on Simple Benchmarks) to Petadata per Unit of Time and Power (on Sophisticated Benchmarks) Communications of the ACM, May 2013
      (impact factor 1.919/2010).


    • Jovanovic, Z., Milutinovic, V.,
      FPGA Accelerator for Floating-Point Matrix Multiplication, IET Computers & Digital Techniques, 2012, 6, (4), pp. 249-256.
      (impact factor 0.446/2012). IET Computers & Digital Techniques Premium Award


    • Tomazic, S., Pavlovic, V., Milovanovic, J., Sodnik, J., Kos, A., Stancin, S., Milutinovic, V.,
      A Multi-, Inter-, and Trans-Disciplinary Approach to Teaching Wireless Sensor Networks
      Fast file existence checking in archiving systems ACM Transactions on Storage (TOS) TOS Homepage archive, Volume 7 Issue 1, June 2011, ACM New York, NY, USA
      (impact factor 1.753/2012).

The Books Published with the USA Publishers

  • Milutinovic, V., Salom, J., Trifunovic, N., Giorgi, R., "The Guide to DataFlow SuperComputing," Springer 2015.

The International Projects Performed by the MISANU Researchers

  • BalCon (FP7)
  • Bilateral (SLO-SRB)

The International cooperation Performed by the MISANU Researchers

  • Prof. Mencer, Imperial, GBR
  • Prof. Flynn, Stanford, USA

Help for Starters

  • TBD