The DigitalHeritageMining Activities at MISANU

About the DigitalHeritageMining

  • Enabler Technologies: HeritageServers + HybridSemaWebDataMining
  • Mining Paradigm (with time related meta data): Combining Entropy Derivatives and Fourier Transform

The SCI Journal Papers Published

    • Tafa, Z., Rakocevic, G., Mihailovic, Dj., Milutinovic, V.,
      Effects of Interdisciplinary Education On Technology-driven Application Design IEEE Transactions on Education, August 2011, pp.462-470.
      (impact factor 1.328/2010).


    • Omerovic, S., Tomazic, S., Milutinovic, M., Milutinovic, V.,
      A Methodology for Written and Oral Presentation of Research Results, Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, ASCE, USA, Vol. 135, Issue 3/4, July 2010
      (impact factor 0.133/2010).

The Books Published with the USA Publishers

  • Despotovic-Zrakic, M., Milutinovic, V., Belic, A., (eds.), "High Performance and Cloud Computing in Scientific Research and Education," IGI Global, Hershey, PA, USA, 2014.

The International Projects Performed by the MISANU Researchers

  • ArTreat (FP7)
  • Socratenon (FP5)

The International cooperation Performed by the MISANU Researchers

  • Prof. Maurer, U of Graz, AUT
  • Prof. Rizvic, U of Sarajevo, BIH

Help for Starters

  • TBD