The MindGenomicsMining Activities at MISANU

About the DigitalHeritageMining

  • Enabler Technologies: Fast Internet + Advanced Mathematics
  • Mining paradigm (with target related meta data): Combining Linear Regression and Bayesian Processes

The SCI Journal Papers Published

  • Milutinovic, V., Ngom, A., Stojmenovic, I.,
    STRIP --- A Strip Based Neural Network Growth Algorithm for Learning Multiple-Valued Functions, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL NETWORKS, March 2001, Vol.12, No.2, pp. 212-227
    (impact factor 2.889/2010).


  • Milutinovic, V., Knezevic, P., Radunovic, B., Casselman, S., Schewel, J.,
    Obelix Searches Internet Using Customer Data, IEEE COMPUTER, July 2000
    (impact factor 2.205/2010).
  • Milutinovic, V., Cvetkovic, D., Mirkovic, J.,
    Genetic Search Based on Multiple Mutation Approaches, IEEE COMPUTER, November 2000
    (impact factor 2.205/2010).
  • Jovanov, E., Milutinovic, V., Hurson, A.,
    Acceleration of Nonnumeric Operations Using Hardware Support for the Ordered Table Hashing Algorithms, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTERS, September 2002, Vol.51, No.9, pp. 1026-1040
    (impact factor 1.822/2010).

The Books Published with the USA Publishers

  • Moskowitz, H. Onufey, S., Milutinovic, V., Salom, J., "The Guide to MindGenomics," Springer 2015.

The International Projects Performed by the MISANU Researchers

  • WeGo (FP6)

The International cooperation Performed by the MISANU Researchers

  • Prof. Moskowitz, Harvard, USA
  • Prof. Onufrey, NUY, USA

Help for Starters

  • TBD