The Library of the Mathematical Institute

The Library of the Mathematical Institute was founded in 1946 as the successor to the Library of the Mathematical Seminar, and it is the largest and most important treasure trove of knowledge in the field of mathematics, mechanics, and more recently of computer science. In terms of systematization, the Library is a centralized scientific library. It collects, processes, stores and makes available materials from the mentioned scientific fields, in accordance with the established bibliographical principles.
The Library holds more than 15,460 monographs. When it comes to means of acquisition, the vast majority of these publications were purchased, whereas the rest consists of mainly exchanges and gifts. In addition to monographs, the library contains 618 journals with more than 60,000 issues in the paper form, even though the electronic access to most of them has been obtained. The entire Library holdings are searchable through the online catalogue.
The print versions of certian journals arrive regularly, mostly due to the exchange with other libraries and institutions. The exchanging has always been essential for the holdings update. The Mathematical Institute SANU sends its two periodicals, the journal Publications de l'Institut Mathématique and YUJOR: Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research (the Institute being one of its eight co-publishers) and two non-periodic editions Zbornik Radova (Collection of Papers) and Posebna izdanja (Special Editions), to about 300 addresses worldwide for exchange.
Library also provides two reference data-bases – zbMATH Open (formerly known as Zentralblatt MATH) edited by the European Mathematical Society, FIZ Karlsruhe, and the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences, and Mathematical Reviews (MathSciNet), published by the American Mathematical Society.
Furthermore, Serbian scientists have been provided with online access to about 35,000 scientific journals and about 150,000 books through KoBSON and the Serbian Ministry of education, science and technological development. Among these are quite a few journals of particular importance for mathematics, computer science and mechanics.
The year 2020 saw the establishment of the institutional repository of the Mathematical Institute. The repository stores scientific research papers of the Institute's associates. Since its establishment, almost 4,000 papers have been deposited, and everyone has thus been able to see the results of research in various areas of mathematics, mechanics and computer science. Since 2004, eLib, a digital library of mathematical journals published in Serbia, has been developed and maintained. eLib offers free access to full texts of papers. By mid-2021, the eLib contained 21 journals with more than 1,050 issues and 13,500 papers.

Library contact information:

Telephone: 381-11-2180591
Fax: 381-11-2186105