Project at The Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia (IF)

The Collaborative Grant Program Scheme 2020-2022

Project Title: A decentralized blockchain platform for reading, writing, publishing, selling and buying e-books

Principal Investigator: Miodrag Mihaljević
Consortium leader: MVP Workshop
Main partner: Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Partner: Tenderly
Sector: ICT
Project budget: EUR 450,095
IF participation: EUR 300,000


The project is based on employment of blockchain technology and cryptographic techniques for achieving the project objectives: The main tech innovation originates from dedicated hybrid employment of these two technologies. Employment of blockchain technology provides the desired framework for establishment of smart contract which supports digital rights management (DRM) within peer-to-peer data/contents trading. Desired DRM is constructed employing dedicated techniques for watermarking, encryption and cryptographic keys management. Watermarking should provide one-to-one correspondence of the data/contents and the smart contract. Encryption and cryptographic key management should provide conditional data access. This is the core of our innovative, value-driven business model based on tokenization and decentralization of content creation. Employment of cryptographic techniques implies certain overheads, and an important goal of our design is to achieve light overheads. The employed encryption and the cryptographic key management should be such that the overheads are reduced in comparison with a straightforward approach of these techniques. Background technical elements for developing dedicated encryption and the cryptographic key management for DRM purposes are based on revisiting previously achieved results.