Module Algebra and Mathematical Logic

Course Semester ECTS
1.Mathematical logic115
2.Optional course 1110
3.Study research work 115
4.General algebra215
5.Optional course 2210
6.Study research work 225
7.Optional course 3310
8.Optional course 4310
9.Study research work 3310
10.Optional course 5410
11.Optional course 6410
12.Study research work 4410
13.Study research work 5520
14.Study research work 6620
15.PhD Theses620

Alebra and Mathematical Logic Optional Courses

Universal algebra
Non-classical logics
Semigroup theory
Model theory
Theory of ordered sets
Category theory and proof theory
Ordered algebraic structures
Computability teory
Non-standard analysis
Fuzzy sets and systems
Boolean algebras
Group theory
Semiring theory
Set theory
Lattice theory