Module Analysis

Course Semester ECTS
1.Functional analysis115
2.Measure and integration110
3.Study research work 115
4.Partial differential equations215
5.Optional course 1210
6.Study research work 225
7.Optional course 2310
8.Optional course 3310
9.Study research work 3310
10.Optional course 4410
11.Optional course 5410
12.Study research work 4410
13.Study research work 5520
14.Study research work 6620
15.PhD Theses620

Analysis Optional Courses

Complex analysis
Dynamical systems
Stochastic analysis
Differential geometry
Numerical integration
Spectral theory
Generalized functions
Numerical methods for solving partial differential equations
Mathematical statistics
Riemannian manifolds
Harmonic analysis
Generalized inverses
Numerical optimization
Lie groups and Lie algebras
Time series analysis
Functional analysis 2
Approximation theory
Stochastic differential equations
Simplectic geometry and analytic mechanics
Algebraic topology
Pseudodifferential operators
Operational research
Generalized stochastic processes and applications
Discrete geometry
Operator algebras and Hilbert modules