Artificial Intelligence Seminar


Andreja Tepavčević

This seminar was created as a continuation of the "Serbian AI Meeting" organized in December 2020 by Predrag Janičič and Pavle Subotić. It is designed to host researchers from Serbia and the diaspora, as well as researchers from universities, scientific institutes and practice. Various scientific topics and results in the field of artificial intelligence will be presented at the Seminar: from the traditional topics like logics and formal methods, reasoning, knowledge representation, natural language processing, machine learning, computational intelligence, artificial neural networks, and application of artificial intelligence in different fields.
Since the participants are from all Serbian universities and institutes connected to AI; foreign universities and Serbian and foreign companies, AI Seminar will be permanently held online. Sometimes, distinguished non-Serbian participants will also be invited to present their results. Languages of the Seminar are Serbian and English.



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