The Mathematics Colloquium


Zoran Petrić

The Mathematics Colloquium is a general mathematical seminar, the role of which is to organize talks aimed at a broad audience, including young mathematicians in particular. Together with Mechanics Colloquium, it takes broad responsibilities for creation of the scientific programme at the Mathematical Institute tailored for all mathematical centers in Serbia. Foreign scientists, who visit not only Mathematical Institute but also Universities in Serbia, as a general rule give lectures at the Mathematical Institute. Thus the Mathematics Colloquium plays an important role in organizing mathematical research activities in Serbia. The meetings of the seminar are organized regularly on Fridays at 2 pm. These include one-hour presentations.

The current chairman of the Mathematics Colloquium is Zoran Petrić, with Marija Milojević as a secretary.

History of the Mathematics Colloquium
Since 1946, when the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts was founded, Veće was the place where talks both in mathematics and mechanics were presented regularly until 1961. A seminar stemming from Veće is the Mathematics Colloquium (initially Colloquium for Mathematical Analysis, and then Colloquium for Theoretical Mathematics). The chairmen of these seminars were:


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