Seminar on Geometry, Education and Visualization with Applications

dr Stana Nikčević

The Seminar for Geometry, Education and Visualization with Applications has been held weekly at the Mathematical Institute of SANU since 2001.

It is thought of as a permanent forum in which researchers in geometry (in a broad sense) are asked to illustrate the main problems, results and methods in their area of research. Papers and monographs, both classical and new ones, are analyzed in detail and lectures on selected topics, primarily with educational intention, are given regularly. A main goal of the seminar is also to set up a meeting point in which specialists working in the differential areas of geometry exchange their views and discuss their problems, by sharing their experience and their ideas.

Postgraduate students frequently give expository lectures on some advanced topics as a part of their studies, while M.Sc. and Ph.D. candidates present their results in series of talks. Quite frequently there are visits and lectures of experts from domestic or foreign universities. Occasionally the short courses have been given.



Miroslava Antić

Srđan Vukmirović

Mirjana Đorić